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The Designated Survivor Hopes For A Vote Of Confidence

Bioterrorism threatens the election, kidnappers threaten FBI boss Jason Atwood, and questions about Leo's paternity would threaten Kirkman's relationship with his son, if he had one. 2016.12.01S01.E08

A Familiar Momentum And Happy Endings Close Out The West Wing's Final Season

Marathon Diarist Sarah Hope reaches the end of the Bartlet administration and looks back on 110 hours inside The West Wing. 2016.11.08

What Secrets & Lies Did Ryan Phillippe's Agent Tell Him?

Just kidding! ABC's new child-murder mystery drama isn't bad, and neither is Phillippe. 2015.02.27S01.E01

Death Trap

To save Katrina, Abbie and Crane lure the Horseman into a brawl with Ben Franklinstein's monster. 2014.09.29S02.E02

A Whole Pec Of Trouble

Moloch bends reality, Benjamin Franklin eschews clothing, and the Headless Horseman serves bread and roses in the season premiere of Sleepy Hollow. 2014.09.22S02.E01

A Secwet Pwan To Fight Infwation

A first-season West Wing episode that takes the starch out of Josh's stuffed shirt and shoves a whole mess of cotton into C.J.'s face, presented for The Canon. 2013.11.07S01.E15


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