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Comedy Central Picks Up A Second Season Of Detroiters

Let's all flip our Devereux Wigs! 2017.03.20

Should You Let Detroiters Motor Into Your TV Schedule?

Comedy Central's new sitcom takes us to a struggling ad agency in the Motor City. Will you be driven to watch? 2017.02.06S01.E01

What Will Happen When Kristen Wiig Hosts?

We wish there would be one last "Two A-Holes," but we have to be realistic. 2013.05.10S38.E20

What Will Happen When Zach Galifianakis Hosts (This Time)?

And will he shave his beard mid-show again? 2013.05.03S38.E19

What Will Happen When Vince Vaughn Hosts (This Time)?

Warning: Vince Vaughn no longer looks like this. 2013.04.12S38.E18

What Will Happen When Christina Applegate Hosts?

An Ed O'Neill walk-on is probably a long shot. Or is it?! 2012.10.12S38.E04


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