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The Rocky Horror Picture Show Is Simulated Sleaze

But what's wrong with simulated sleaze? It prepares children for the real thing. 2016.10.21

Watch The First Five Minutes Of Fox's The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This'll inspire you to practice your Time Warp routine. 2016.09.16

A Closet Case: Reconsidering Entertainment Weekly's 1997 Fall TV Preview

We begin a look back at a decade's worth of Entertainment Weekly issues previewing each year's upcoming fall season with a stop in 1997, the year someone thought you really cared about Veronica's Closet. 2016.08.11

Psych, Out

Stephanie types through her tears at Psych's ending to bring you a mere handful of her favorite episodes of all time. 2014.03.26S08.E10

The Killer Clown, Madonna, And Me

How pop songs conquered Mark Blankenship's fear of Pennywise. 2013.10.30

Beyond Save-ing

The Anne Heche vehicle scuttled a bunch of other, too-similar shows that were in development at NBC. Let's all mourn them! 2013.05.30


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