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Watch This Weirdly Perfect Mashup Of Luke Cage And Family Matters

Somewhere out there, Reginald VelJohnson is smiling. 2016.10.12

The Past Catches Up With Luke Cage

Luke vanquishes his foes, except for the institutional memory of the United States penal system, in the season finale. 2016.10.07S01.E13

We Are The Holey Hoodies On The Streets Of Luke Cage's Harlem

We would take a bullet for you, but please stop asking us to. 2016.10.07S01.E12

OMG! Luke Cage Got Shot!

With all bets off in S01.E08, who's next to fall in this masterclass on gun violence? 2016.10.05S01.E08

Luke Cage Reminds Us Why He's On Top

Power-ranking the players in S01.E05 of Luke Cage. 2016.10.04S01.E05

We Are The Plate-Glass Windows Of Luke Cage's Harlem, And We're Not Amused

Does it feel just like you're walking on broken glass? There's a reason for that. 2016.09.30S01.E02

Is Luke Cage Another Bulletproof Addition To The Marvel/Netflix Lineup?

The titular hero has left Jessica Jones for a new life in Harlem. Should you follow him? 2016.09.29S01.E01

Good Night, Sweet Pricks

We say a final goodbye to a show that devolved from Hamlet on motorcycles to a live-action Ed Hardy t-shirt. 2014.12.10S07.E13

The End Is Nigh

In Sons Of Anarchy's penultimate episode, loose ends are getting tied up. Mostly with murder. 2014.12.02S07.E12

Nero Perfect Performance

Jimmy Smits is so good in this week's episode. Also, Jax knows that Gemma killed Tara, blah blah blah. But mostly: Smits killed it. 2014.11.18S07.E11

The Right To Bare Ass

The gang reels from a member's death with a lot of shots of their nude tuchises. 2014.11.11S07.E10

What About Bob?

To get Bobby back, SAMCRO submits to August Marks. 2014.11.05S07.E09

The Sons Of An-ARRRR-chy

A key character loses an eye, so it's obvious that Sons is just a modern retelling of Captain Hook's origin story. 2014.10.28S07.E08

The Best Laid Plans Of Motorcycle Men

With Juice back and a gang war underway, it's finally time to see if Jax's plans are gonna pay off. 2014.10.21S07.E07

The Prodigal Son Returns

And Lea Michele shows up for what appears to be no reason at all. 2014.10.14S07.E06

Who Snitched?

The Sons deal with the consequences of their actions, but who's really to blame? Whoever snitched. 2014.10.07S07.E05

Genderqueers Of Androgyny

Marilyn Manson and Walton Goggins's transgender character return for an episode that asks the big questions about sexual identity. 2014.09.30S07.E04

1-9ers And Racist One-Liners

More ho-hum violence is briefly alleviated by an exciting guest star! 2014.09.23S07.E03


How Sons-y is Jax's crazy campaign against Lin? 2014.09.16S07.E02

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