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TCA 2015/6: NBC Has Reborn Heroes, Tattooed Ladies, And Dolly Effin' Parton

Also, Wesley Snipes is paying off his IRS bills one episode of The Player at a time. 2015.08.13

TCA 2015/16: USA And Syfy Have Aliens, More Aliens, Playing House, And Some Old Rich Guy

Really, lots of aliens, and none of them are shooting laser beams from their eyes, probably. 2015.08.12

TCA 2015/6: FX Is All About Lady Gaga in AHS: Hotel, Making America Fall In Love With You're The Worst, And...Vampires

Denis O'Hare's dressing up as Elizabeth Taylor on an FX show this fall. Guess which! ...No, not The League. 2015.08.08

TCA 2015/6: ABC Has Cute Couple Serial Killers, Muppets, Tyra Banks -- And Shonda Rhimes

Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog have broken up, but she ain't sad, which puts her ahead of Olivia Pope. 2015.08.04

TCA 2015-6 Exclusive! Gareth Neame On What A Downton Abbey Movie Could Look Like

That is, if it ever gets made, so don't get all worked up 2015.08.02

TCA 2015: Penis Monsters, Rock Stars And Cowboys. Oh, And Louis C.K.

You know, what every boy wants to be when he grows up! Except the comedian part. 2015.01.18

TCA 2015: Weird Loners, The Last Man On Earth, And Other Drinking Games

It's all about the funny-sad, and M. Night Shymalan. 2015.01.17

TCA 2015: A Spy, A Lesbian, Some Bros, And Jesus Walk Into A Network...

The stars are shiny at NBC, but the shows could use buffing. 2015.01.16

TCA 2015: Zero Gravity Sex? All Right! Also, Slutty Royals And Magicians.

Basic cable is fun and possibly insane! Thanks, NBCUniversal! 2015.01.15

TCA 2015: The CW Has Zombies, Superheroes, And Vampires, Oh My

The CW has the prettiest people on television, and some of them wear supercute boots. How hot are the shows on our spectrum? 2015.01.11


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