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The World We Didn't Deserve

Where the chips fell for the True Detectives. 2015.08.10S02.E08

Yeah, You've Got That Something; I Think You'll Understand

Velcoro wants to hold Bez's hand. Sarah D. Bunting ain't quite buying it. 2015.08.03S02.E07

'He Was A Portly Man, Smelled Like Bourbon; Flatulent, Too.'

'...The Sarah D. Bunting Story.' The silver linings around True Detective's reset. 2015.07.20S02.E05

'Maybe It's Time To Put This Cop Shit To Bed'

You said a mouthful, Frank. ...Sarah D. Bunting tries, fails to suspend her True Detective disbelief. 2015.07.13S02.E04

What If Taylor Kitsch And Vince Vaughn Switched True Detective Roles?

In Sarah D. Bunting's alternate universe, Riggins is the kingpin, and the show is better for it. 2015.07.05S02.E03

Women Scorned

True Detective's underwritten ladies, in order of bearability. 2015.06.28S02.E02

'You're Supposed To Savor That'

True Detective and the cost of sky-high expectations. 2015.06.21S02.E01

Brotherly Love

He's written and portrayed well -- and Grant Wilson also reminds Sarah of her own Grant. 2014.07.16S01.E03

The Normal Heart's Ned Weeks Tries To Survive A Plague

An appreciation of the angriest man in New York. 2014.05.25

Battle Of The Terry Fox Films

Which Terry Fox biopic crosses the finish line first, 30 For 30's or the CBC's? 2014.04.22

Tami Forever

Friday Night Lights might never have hooked our commentator if not for Tami Taylor. 2013.07.03


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