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Lisa Rinna Embraces Her Snake Skin On RHOBH

And in one move no one saw coming this week, Erika Girardi brings Erika Jayne (and Kyle) to Mykonos! 2017.01.18S07.E07

The New 'Cool Ranch' Flavor Is Saving RHOBH

Dorit's rubbing everyone the wrong way and working wonders. 2017.01.04S07.E04

The Escape Room's Easy, But Feminism's Hard For RHOBH

They can work together to escape a room, but this season's falling prey to the doldrums. What gives? 2016.12.28S07.E04

Who Is Munchausen?

And other not-so-burning questions from this week's vitamin-deficient episode! 2015.12.23S06.E04

Who Are These Women Trying To Sell The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills's Lisa Vanderpump A Horse?

And more not-quite-burning questions about the latest episode, including: will Ken get a '69' for his 70th? 2015.12.16S06.E03

The Drunk And The Restless

Brandi's need for attention reaches a series high, and Eileen gets wet in the process. 2015.01.07S05.E08

The Off-White Party

The fifth season of RHOBH kicks off with old faces, new faces, and not nearly enough Kim Richards. 2014.11.19S05.E01

Your Official Couples Therapy Midseason Checkup

Now that we're more than halfway through our time with the couples, Tara revisits her judgments as to who deserves love most. 2014.02.20S04.E07

Which D-Listers Actually D-Serve True Love?

Ranking the couples of Couples Therapy, according to how much we care about them forging solid relationships. 2014.01.09S04.E01


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