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Is Empire's Thirsty Getting Too Big For His Britches?

There's a lot of good reasons this episode is entitled 'The Naked Villainy'! 2017.04.13S03.E13

Cookie's Stuck In Empire Memories

Which one of our Lyons (and their associates) is taking control of the here and now? 2017.03.30S03.E11

Could Empire CEO Lucious Lyon Be The Actual Devil?

And other hot-as-Hades questions from Empire's midseason premiere. 2017.03.22S03.E10

Empire Makes -- And Breaks -- Some Deals

Empire's winter finale is chock full of surprises, double-crosses, and resolutions. 2016.12.14S03.E09

Empire Wants To Remind You Of Showgirls

Except Showgirls somehow seems more realistic. 2016.12.07S03.E08

Empire Drops A Bombshell From Cookie's Past

...And finally explains why the Holloway sisters fight the way they do. 2016.11.30S03.E07

Empire's Nudes Take 'Hack' To A New Level

Who knew that there were so many computer geniuses in the Lyons' social circle? 2016.11.16S03.E06

Empire X Stream? More Like Empire X Scream!

The Lyons have a very public meltdown. Like, Times Square public. 2016.11.09S03.E05

Empire Gets Operatic

La Bohème (and Antonio) get Cookie's juices flowing. 2016.10.13S03.E04

Taye Diggs Looked About 13 On Guiding Light

But he rolled his eyes like a grown-up. 2016.10.07

In Season 4 Of The West Wing, It's All Business As Usual...Until It's Not

Sarah Hope's Marathon Diary of The West Wing winds through lots of governance and two major season-ending curveballs. 2016.10.04

More Like No-ey: Reconsidering Entertainment Weekly's 2004 Fall TV Preview

Was Joey one of the worst things about the 2004 Entertainment Weekly fall issue? Oh, most certainly. But it had a lot of company. 2016.09.07

Murder In The First Shoots First, Asks Questions Later

Detective English guns down a suspect who may or may not have been reaching for a gun. And that's only the second-most self-destructive thing he does in this episode. 2016.07.04S03.E02

Upon Reflection, Maybe Murder In The First Should Keep That Season Pass After All

Sarah D. Bunting said she'd quit the show after Season 2. Now she's not so sure. 2016.06.26S03.E01

Love's Labors Losing The Plot

Jamie's warp-speed divorce isn't the worst of Murder In The First's sins against believability, but for some reason, it's the most irritating. 2015.08.11S02.E10

I Lost My Lunch In San Francisco

Sarah D. Bunting does not feature Terry and Raffi Doing It. AT ALL. 2015.08.04S02.E09

Battle Of The Cop-Family Dinners

Which TV law-enforcement family's mealtime gathering is better? Let's take it...step by step. Ooh, baby. Etc. 2015.07.21S02.E07

Everybody Has A Blow Torch, Right?

When a 'tidy' police suicide takes a turn, everyone's a suspect but Hildy and English, it seems. What are they to do? 2015.07.07S02.E05

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