Tag: sylvia parsons

Now All Sturgill's Thinking About Is More On Intervention

This former star athlete is now lettering in just about every addictive substance. Can he wrestle his demons into submission? 2016.12.21S16.E04

Sleeping Becomes Dangerous On Intervention

Tiffany's difficult childbirths and postpartum depressions put her in a tailspin, and her co-dependent husband isn't helping pull her out. ...Weeeeeslehhhh. 2016.12.06S16.E02

Karissa Is Not A Lost Cause On Intervention

Or so she says, but her heroin habit has other ideas. 2016.04.10S15.E05

Age Before Beauty

Two hardcore subjects, a gloriously successful follow-up, the intervened-upon becoming the interventionist, and a harsh twist light up the Int-R-Ven-Tron. 2015.08.17S14.E12


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