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Better Call Saul Proves Once Again That Bad People Can Make Good Managers

Tara's not a crackpot. She just thinks Better Call Saul is making a strong case that just because you're a 'villain' by some standards doesn't mean you can't also be an inspiring leader! 2017.05.02S03.E04


Was there anyone left to root for by the end of Ray Donovan's first season? 2013.09.23S01.E12

The Hebrew Hammer

In praise of Avi, Ray Donovan's #1 henchman. 2013.08.26S01.E09

Twerking Breeds

Who's leading the Ray Donovan dog pack in Episode 3? 2013.07.15S01.E03

Who's Ray Donovan's Alpha Dog This Week?

Ranking the pack for Episode 2. 2013.07.08S01.E02


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