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A Closet Case: Reconsidering Entertainment Weekly's 1997 Fall TV Preview

We begin a look back at a decade's worth of Entertainment Weekly issues previewing each year's upcoming fall season with a stop in 1997, the year someone thought you really cared about Veronica's Closet. 2016.08.11

Team Foxcatcher Faces The Prince Of Pennsylvania In The Battle Of The Du Pont/Schultz Documentaries

Which wrestling/true crime TV doc is more worth your time? Chris Huff breaks them down! 2016.04.29

Should You Cuff Yourself To The Couch For Angie Tribeca?

Steve Carell and Nancy Walls Carell bring us Rashida Jones as the titular character in our generation's Police Squad!. Will you find it arresting? 2016.01.15S01.E01

Watch Stephen Colbert And Steve Carell Duet On A Lite FM Classic

Get ready to fall in love with a couple of DILFs. 2015.12.08

Season 3 Is Obliterating Everything That Made Brooklyn Nine-Nine A Good Sitcom

And Mark would like to know what the hell happened. 2015.10.05S03.E02

Battle Of The Andys Buckley

One's a paper-company executive. The other's a not-totally-legal GP (where the 'G' stands for 'gangster'). Which comes out ahead? 2014.09.10S02.E10

Jobs Chelsea Handler's Not Going To Get

CBS's double rejection of her campaign to weasel onto its late-night schedule is just the beginning! 2014.04.17

Let's Go Streaking!

When does the Emmy voters' love of a winning streak go from rewarding the work to just being lazy? If you ask them, never! 2013.07.18

Must-Sleep TV

Maximize TV's effectiveness as a sleep aid with these key tips from our insomniac correspondent. 2013.07.08

Steve Carell Confesses Office Finale Lie Shock Horror

Can you ever possibly forgive him?! 2013.06.18S09.E24

Run For The Hills

Which sitcom did a Fun Run better: Veep or The Office? 2013.06.17S02.E09

It's Getting Real In Scranton

Why our commentator's glad he stayed until the end of The Office. 2013.05.17S09.E23

Kulap Vilaysack Is Worth Five Pennies

(In this case, that means she's valuable.) 2012.12.12S03.E06

Erin > Dwight

The case for an Erin Hannon spinoff series. 2012.11.08


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