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The Past Bites Back Again on 11.22.63

It's hard to tell what's going to be a bigger problem for Jake: the fact that people are getting way too close to figuring out he's from the future...or a potentially dangerous figure from his girlfriend's past? 2016.03.07S01.E04

Jake Cuts A Rug And Plants A Bug On 11.22.63

Finally back in Texas, Jake sets up his double life: mild-mannered high school teacher by day, stalker of Lee Harvey Oswald by night. 2016.02.29S01.E03

11.22.63 Celebrates 10.31.60 By Taking A Little Detour

Jake takes a break from shaping world events to prevent a smaller-scale tragedy, but he still hits most of the high notes you’d expect from a miniseries about time travel. 2016.02.22S01.E02

Should You Mark Your Calendar For 11.22.63?

Is Hulu's eight-part miniseries based on Stephen King's time-travel thriller a faithfully-adapted nail-biter...or a complete assassination? 2016.02.15S01.E01

Should You Snuggle Up In Front Of The Fireplace With Après Ski?

Or will it be a cold day in hell before you watch Canadian Below Deck on skis? 2015.11.02S01.E01

Teddy Bared

Why Sarah D. Bunting is captivated by pitiably self-medicating bully agonistes Ted Jr. 2015.07.16S03.E02

Still Life With Cranes

The Cranes team up with Abigail Adams flashbacks to reverse the curse on a haunted painting. 2015.01.20S02.E13

J Peterman Creates A Monster Uglier Than The Urban Sombrero

And other more accurate episode loglines for the fifth season of The X Files. 2014.07.30

Dome Look Back In Anger

Chester's Millions try to figure out what is making the Dome so angry that it is (a) suddenly magnetic, and (b) periodically making sonic pulses that are apparently killing everyone. 2014.07.01S02.E01

Logue Connection

Sarah digs Donal, even in mediocre projects; here's why. 2014.05.15

Idol Endnotes: Four Play

The time crunch of singing three songs each means the Idols all make easy, boring song picks. 2014.05.07S13.E36

Twenty-One Episodes Into The Show, A Sons Of Anarchy Newb Finally Learns What A “Cut” Is

Our correspondent has made it more than halfway through Sons Of Anarchy in two weeks. Is this healthy? 2013.10.15

EHG 2: The State of AMC

What's to become of the home of Low Winter Sun once its flagships sail away? The gang discusses with special guest Dave Bunting. 2013.08.26

Under The Dumb

Are there any circumstances under which this author would watch Under The Dome's second season? 2013.07.30

What Might Have Made Under The Dome More Intriguing?

Less drama, actually -- and more subplots about the consequences of dome living. (Like running out of coffee.) 2013.07.16S01.E04

Crossing Lines Takes Itself Reeeeally Seriously, You Guys

This commentator is unable to do so (...killer trucks, come on), and will be over here rewatching Alias instead. 2013.07.08S01.E07

The Stephen King Collaboration We NEED To See

Why Uncle Steve should write for The Newsroom. 2013.06.28S35.E40

Welcome To You're 'Dome!'

The Under The Dome and Frisky Dingo crossover we want to see! 2013.06.25S01.E01

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