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Lifetime Movie The Babysitter's Seduction Is A Cringefest

In more ways than one. At least RevCam's creepiness is scripted this time. 2016.11.16

Sarah Michelle Gellar Talked Angrily To A Picture Of Her Boss On All My Children

Granted, said boss is Erica Kane, but it's still so soapy it hurts. 2016.10.03

That Time Lance Bass Guested On 7th Heaven

You know who else apparently thought it was ridiculous? Lance Bass. 2016.08.31

Who's The Most Bizarrely Cast JFK In TV History?

This guy may not qualify, but he's in the er ah conversation. 2014.02.19

Josh Groban's Greatest Hits In TV Comedy

In or out of character, his comedic voice hits almost as many high notes as his baritone one. 2013.11.08S01.E07

Will Revolution Be Televised In This Living Room?

For a post-electricity dystopia show, it's actually got some juice. (Sorry.) (Not really sorry.) 2013.10.03S02.E02

That's A Lot Of Murdered Monkeys For A Show Called Tales Of The Gold Monkey

Plus Nazi Higgins! One-Eyed Dogs! Cobras! More! It's so 80s, your slap bracelet is gonna found out where the beef is! 2013.08.30S01.E01

And When I Get That Feeling, I Want Sexual Extortion

Devious Maids and Hit The Floor want us to think a lot of people are using leverage to get other people to Do It with them One Last Time. 2013.07.29S01.E06

God Help The Mister Who's Come Between Us And Our Sisters

Why isn't the long-running drama available to the public?! 2013.07.26

It's Not A Seller's Market

How far into Property Envy did our correspondent get? 2013.07.10S01.E01


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