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Star Trek's Medium Brown Tribble With Little White Spots Speaks!

The trouble with tribbles is carrying a knife when you don't have opposable thumbs. 2016.07.29S02.E15

With Beaches Getting Remade For Lifetime, How Will Garry Marshall's Other Movies Come to TV?

After all, networks aren't going to let Overboard just sit there. 2016.07.29

Forget (Tom) Paris

The crew of the USS Voyager suffered personnel losses from the pilot episode of Voyager on -- and honestly, they could have lost this guy too. 2016.07.29

NBC Remembers That One Hollywood Game Night Episode It Never Aired; Airs It

Maybe it's the...ladies' night episode...because Hillary? Or someone just noticed it on a shelf, finally. 2016.07.29S04.E12

William T. Riker And The Trombone Of Mystery

What's cooler than Commander Riker? God, just about anything. But dress that Christmas ham up with a little trombone and hello, ladies. 2016.07.29

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine S01: Just What The Hell IS Odo, Anyway?

And other important highlights from our more descriptive Season 1 episode blurbs. 2016.07.29

Big Brother's First Eviction Night In Paris

Frank hopes for the best when the house grows a Jeffries tube. 2016.07.29S18.E18

Should You Study Netflix Juco Football Docuseries Last Chance U?

It rushed Sarah D. Bunting's heart in record time. 2016.07.29S01.E01

Star Trek Faces Bones In The Ultimate Bones-off!

TOS's McCoy battles Bones's Brennan to determine which doctor best deserves their shared nickname. 2016.07.29

Why Does Ripper Street Keep Mistaking 'Cryptic' For 'Confusing'?

And other almost-burning questions about the fourth-season premiere. 2016.07.28S04.E01

Ask The Vulcan Chick Who Told Spock To Stuff His Arranged Marriage

Her name is T'Pring, and she's got a good, pointy-eared head on her shoulders! 2016.07.28S02.E01

The Real Housewives of New York City's LuAnn Is On A Boat, And Possibly Something Else

While the Countess continues to play the fool in love, storm clouds gather -- in the form of her fellow Housewives -- to rain on her parade. 2016.07.28S08.E17

Star Trek: TNG's Borg vs. Buffy's Adam Face Off In The Battle Of Monotonous Frankenvillains With Lots Of Stuff Glued To Them

Which cautionary tale about artificial intelligence is more likely to make us put our iPhones in the blender? 2016.07.28

Greetings, Mr. Robot. ...How About A Nice Game Of Chess?

WarGames, Green Day, and other allusions from a water-treading fourth episode. 2016.07.28S02.E04

Patty And Ellen's Epic War Crowds Out The Guest Stars In Season 5 Of Damages

And our Marathon Diarist will always love these morally bankrupt women. 2016.07.28

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