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Hanna Finds A Secret Microcassette And What Is This Anyway, 1995?

Talia gets an attack of shy, when all Emily wants to do is whisper in her ear via a machine at The Brew that's totally gonna get a latte spilled on it. 2015.02.04S05.E17

The Mona Barrel Gets Opened By The Wrong People So It's Probably Soup

Ashley is a cougar irresistible to young, hot men, the lucky scamp. 2015.01.28S05.E16

Mona Is Possibly Either Being Pickled Or Dissolved And It Is Just Gross

Emily also has the most annoyingly helpful co-worker ever because Talia is pretty much always right. 2015.01.21

Rosewood Cops Are As Competent As Ever

Plus, Alison makes prison orange way more flattering than it should be, and we learn bad tapas can be saved with almonds or a good sauce. Educational programming! 2015.01.14S05.E14

On The First Day Of Christmas, A Gave To Me...A Threat And A Blizzard

It's so nice to be trapped with your besties while a blizzard rages and a psychopath decorates a tree outside your door. 2014.12.10S05.E13

Pretty Little Liars Goes For The Gold And Loses

In this case, 'NBA' stands for 'Nix Boring "A."' 2013.06.19S04.E02

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