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Rectify Prepares To Cross Over

Images of purgatory and death as new beginning in the show's penultimate episode. 2016.12.07S04.E07

Is Rectify Still Rectify Without Daniel?

And other not-quite-burning questions about how the third season might end up. 2015.07.30S03.E04

Teddy Bared

Why Sarah D. Bunting is captivated by pitiably self-medicating bully agonistes Ted Jr. 2015.07.16S03.E02

What Remains

Whose life is in the severest tatters as Rectify returns? 2015.07.09S03.E01

The Ties That Bind

Daniel is tethered to an unusual party host, Amantha defiantly refuses to cut the cord, and Tawney's monthly bill is late as Rectify examines umbilici real and imagined. 2014.07.18S01.E05

On The Sixth Day

Rectify rests after a strong debut season. 2013.05.21S01.E06


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