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Once Upon A Time Grumbles Over Grendel

If you thought Rumplestiltskin's backstory was a well that had run dry...you were right! But that won't stop Once Upon A Time from going back there anyway. Now with the poem that tortured you in high school! 2017.03.20S06.E13

Once Upon A Time Finally Tells Us The Whole Truth About David's Father

You know, that loose end you've been losing sleep over since Season 2? Oh, you weren't? You'd forgotten all about it and didn't actually care at all? Oh well, here it is anyway! 2017.03.13S06.E12

Once Upon A Time Tries To Escape Its Fate

The show course-corrects as it returns from hiatus. But is it enough? 2017.03.05S06.E11

Timeless Knows How To Have Fun. Real Fun.

Which isn't easy to do when hanging out with Nazis. 2016.10.25S01.E04

The Strange Case Of Once Upon A Time

A mostly satisfying season finale wraps up some loose ends and sets up next year's villain, because these characters just can't catch a break. 2016.05.16S05.E22

Once Upon A Time Makes Things Crystal Clear

The Underworld arc nears its end. Will the dead stay buried? Can bromance bloom in Purgatory? 2016.05.09S05.E21

It's The End Of The Underworld As We Know It (On Once Upon A Time)

Almost no one is feeling fine, especially viewers who might be trying to make sense out of this hodge-podge of mythology. 2016.05.02S05.E20

Family Reunions Are Hell On Once Upon A Time

Zelena finally meets her long-lost mom, David encounters his long-lost twin, and Rumple...well, you'll see. To make things extra-awkward, only half of those people are technically alive! 2016.04.25S05.E19

Hades And The Wicked Witch Meet Cute On Once Upon A Time

Is the most villainous bicycle ride in history also the most romantic? 2016.04.04S05.E16

Hell Is For Children On Once Upon A Time

More long-dead characters return, more CGI scenery gets chewed, and -- surprise! -- the Underworld gets a little dark. 2016.03.21S05.E14

Once Upon A Time Goes From Zero To Hero

With Once Upon A Time borrowing this season's big bad from Hercules, you might have expected the demigod himself to get more than one episode. You'd be wrong. At least he's cute! 2016.03.14S05.E13

Once Upon A Time Returns To A Hell Of A Town

'Another place' is up and some fiery pits are down in the 100th episode, as our heroes explore Puratorybrooke, and characters from the past return. 2016.03.06S05.E12

Once Upon A Time Shows Us All About Becoming Hook

Once Upon A Time's fall season ends with darkness of all kinds, and a curse even True Love's Kiss can't break. 2015.12.07S05.E11

Once Upon A Time Hits The Terrible Twos

We learn the dark truth of what happened in Camelot as the season's timelines come together. 2015.11.30S05.E10

Dark One Singular Sensation

In a double episode of Once Upon A Time, some old favorites return, and some new not-so-favorites continue to try to justify their existence on the show. Ready Part 1! 2015.11.16S05.E08

Once Upon A Time's Merlin Gets A Bummer Of A Backstory

Also: Emma continues to struggle with her dark side, Zelena makes funny faces, and Jesus Christ enters the OUAT mythology. 2015.11.09S05.E07

Once Upon A Time's Got A Camelotta Betrayal Going On!

Mary and David pick sides in the fight for Camelot, while Emma learns to channel her inner Jason Statham. 2015.10.19S05.E04

Around Arthur's Table

Once Upon A Time is heavy on innuendo but light on plot, as shenanigans in Camelot continue. 2015.10.12S05.E03

Watch Out For That Tree

Did we really learn anything new this week? No, but everyone looked really good doing it! Even the special effects and fight choreography are getting better. Who needs a plot? 2015.10.05S05.E02

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