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Agent Carter's Science Is Tight

It's not magic. It's just science that follows no rules or logic. So it's okay. 2016.01.27S02.E03

Welcome Back, Agent Carter

It's the same cool spy stuff, but this time it's in Los Angeles and there are palm trees. And shotguns! 2016.01.20S02.E01

Should You Let Into The Badlands Cut The Line On Your DVR?

AMC's hoping its fight-filled new drama will be as addictive as...well, poppy-based narcotics, probably. Your editors consider whether to move into The Fort. 2015.11.13S01.E01

Who's Going To Be Having A Gay Old Once Upon A Time?

The fairy tale drama is already one of the campiest shows on TV, but this season it's getting an actual gay storyline. We have some predictions about who might hook up! 2015.09.21

How Maleficent Got Her Groove Back

We go way back in Enchanted Forest time to when Regina and Maleficent first met and helped each other, as things progress fairly quickly -- and mostly badly -- for our heroes in Storybrooke. 2015.03.16S04.E15

For The Second Time In Forever

Ingrid's backstory is moving, if familiar, as Once Upon A Time plows ahead. 2014.11.10S04.E07

Once Upon A Time Is The Best Worst Show You're Not Watching

Why you should embrace the high-budget fairy tale campfest. 2014.03.09S03.E12

Sidling Up To The Bar With Mixology

Of all of the gin joints in the world, Jeff had to tune in to this one. 2014.02.26S01.E01


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