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Michael Emerson Telekinetically Conjures Up The Brady Bunch Through The Power Of Loneliness

And other more accurate episode loglines for the ninth and final season of The X Files. 2014.08.27

Is Resurrection A Solid 'Return' On Your Viewing Investment?

Everything you need to know about the new ABC series that's based on an American book and -- what? What French show? We can't hear you! 2014.03.09S01.E01

Nothing's Fine I'm Toric

With the Bad Cop doing bad things to comparatively less-bad people, how Sons-y is the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy? 2013.09.25S06.E03

Pillow Talk

After dispatching the two people who tie SAMCRO to the school shooting, how Sons-y is the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy? 2013.09.18S06.E02

Anarchy Spoke In Class Today

With a school shooting bringing SAMCRO's chickens home to roost, how Sons-y is the sixth-season premiere of FX's orgy of violence? 2013.09.11


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