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Law & Order: SVU Declares (Info)War On Good Writing, Sympathetic Characterization

The show's take on fake news involves a very real, very unwelcome return to the Noah-in-peril well. 2017.05.04S18.E17

Why Don't They Just Make The Whole Plane Out Of Bull?

And more not-quite-burning questions amid the wreckage of a plane crash that killed 'The Woman In 8D' (and 61 other people). 2016.09.28S01.E02

Hank From Sirens Rae Carruths His Baby Mama While Lennie Corrects Omar Little's Grammar On Law & Order

And other, more accurate episode summaries from the eleventh season. 2016.08.26

It's Your Law & Order Drinking Game!

A thirsty viewer's companion to the series we know as the Mothership. 2016.08.15

Battle Of The New York City Attorneys: Law & Order's Ben Stone vs. The Night Of's Jack Stone

But who will prevail, the prosecution or the defense? Sarah D. Bunting reviews the evidence. 2016.07.24S01.E03

Battle Of The '90s Wednesday-Night Primetime Cocksmen: Jack McKay vs. Jack McCoy

The Scotch-drinking, indifferent-haired 'heroes' of two TV classics face off at last. 2016.06.30

An Easy Rider And President Bartlet Played 'Hoodlum' Pals In Naked City

Celebrating Peter Fonda's birthday with his first acting role. 2016.02.23

Lauren Ambrose Faces Denis O'Hare In The Battle Of The Ultimate Law & Order Rotating Players

They both played a variety of great characters on the original series, but who made the biggest impression? 2015.12.18

Law & Order Needs To Jump Into The TV Stream

Why isn't this look at the criminal justice system more available in digital formats? 2015.12.17

Is 'Trophy' The Perfect Episode Of Law & Order?

Mark Blankenship thinks so. Here's why. 2015.12.17S06.E12

Law & Order's M.E. Rodgers: The 'M' Stands For 'Marvelous'

You've tried the rest: now let the best crack open your victim's chest! 2015.12.16

Ask Law & Order's Jack McCoy

District Attorney Jack McCoy fights for truth, justice, and the right to answer questions far beneath his pay grade. 2015.12.15

When Law & Order, The Ultimate Procedural, Became An...Anticedural

Nick Rheinwald-Jones is not a crackpot; he just thinks Law & Order should have tried a few more format-bending episodes like 'Aftershock.' 2015.12.14S06.E23

The Crappy Romantic Instincts Of Laila Robins's TV Characters: A Partial List

We'll just pretend Gabriel's Fire never happened. 2015.08.18S02.E11

Dance Like Everyone's Watching

Grace And Frankie's two leads get up to get down, and it is amazing. 2015.06.29S01.E12

Frankie Buries An Old Friend, And Maybe An Old Habit Too

The best moment of a mostly terrible funeral. 2015.05.12S01.E04

Should You Come Out In Support Of Grace And Frankie?

A very fancy cast assembles to tell the story of two men who come out as gay later in life, and the wives they leave behind. 2015.05.07S01.E01

Signifying Nothing

Time to say goodbye to everyone at ACN. We shall not look upon their like again -- or, at least, we'd better not. 2014.12.14S03.E06

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