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'The Justified Rule Was, Unless You See Them Being Zipped Up In A Body Bag, They Could Be Alive'

Chatting about the final season of Justified with series creator Graham Yost. 2015.06.08

J Peterman Creates A Monster Uglier Than The Urban Sombrero

And other more accurate episode loglines for the fifth season of The X Files. 2014.07.30

Chickens And Crowes Come Home To Roost

Old 'friends' return to mess up Raylan's life in the latest Justified. 2014.02.04S05.E05

Raylan Messers Around Harlan County

When Wade goes missing, Raylan finds out there's actually a pretty good reason to try to track him down (other than...you know, the sanctity of all human life or whatever). 2014.01.28S05.E04

Raylan Of Hassle Manor

As he continues occupying Monroe's giant house, Raylan is beset by a dirtbag with a baseball bat, and a maid looking in on the $100K koi. 2014.01.21S05.E03

Young Slingers In Love: A Justified Romance

Loretta returns to bring us a teen love story we're not likely to see on The CW anytime soon. 2014.01.14S05.E02

Justified Shows Us The Florida Branch Of The Dixie Mafia

There are more Crowes. They live in Florida. And even the Kentucky Crowes say they are bad news. 2014.01.07S05.E01


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