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Timeless Reveals Whose Time Is Up

It may actually be the show's, but it sure doesn't plan to go without a fight. 2017.02.21S01.E16

Timeless Roars Into 1920s Paris

But events in the present prove far more interesting, believe it or not. 2017.02.07S01.E14

Timeless Gobbles Up The 1980s Like It's Got Pac Man Fever

But let's take some time to rank those that always get left behind. 2017.01.31S01.E13

Timeless Travels To The Wild West For A Lesson in Moral Relativism

But screws it all up by letting bad boys play with big guns. 2017.01.24S01.E12

How Will Timeless's Time Come To An End?

And other questions sparked by its rumored untimely demise. 2017.01.17S01.E11

Rittenhouse Finally Makes It To Timeless

But he suddenly seems less important than Agent Christopher. 2016.12.13S01.E10

I Am The Time Machine On Timeless

And time is on my side -- yes it is. 2016.11.22S01.E07

Timeless Finally Solves The Watergate Tapes Mystery

But raises some interesting questions about where our crew is headed. 2016.11.15S01.E06

Timeless Discovers That What Happens in Vegas Doesn't Stay There

While also learning the difference between a bomb and a bombshell. 2016.10.18S01.E03

Should You Set An Alarm For Timeless?

NBC's latest attempt at sci-fi sends experts back in time to make sure history doesn't get all screwed up. Is it worth an hour of your time? 2016.09.30S01.E01

Isn't That Where Mr. Robot Is Comfortable? In The Sameness?

Ray Bradbury, Oliver Stone, and other Robot-ic referents from the second-season premiere. 2016.07.14S02.E01

Blindspot Loves It When A Plane Comes Together

The midseason premiere surfaces a missing aircraft, and some intel about Jane's past. 2016.02.29S01.E11

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

...is sometimes an oncoming train. Who wins the races to stop the gas attack, catch Allison, and save Carrie's love life in the Homeland finale? 2015.12.21S05.E12

The Mindy Project Is Back, And Boy-Crazier Than Ever!

As the show moves from Fox to Hulu, its titular OB/GYN tries out life with a different kind of guy, Sliding Doors-style. (Don't worry: both timelines feature Morgan.) 2015.09.15S04.E01

'I Will Douse My Television In Hairspray And Set It On Fire'

Sarah D. Bunting and Mark Blankenship discuss what's next -- good and possibly bad -- for Mr. Robot. 2015.07.30

Magic: The Blathering

Is Irving breaking bad? Does Katrina have a dark side? Does the Headless Horseman still work here? 2015.02.02S02.E15

Still Life With Cranes

The Cranes team up with Abigail Adams flashbacks to reverse the curse on a haunted painting. 2015.01.20S02.E13

Not Great, Mom!

Demonic possessions at Tarrytown Psychiatric force the Mills sisters to confront their unhappy childhood. 2014.11.17S02.E09

'Bye, Baby.' - Bunting.

Papa's gone a-hunting / Gone to get a spider skin / To wrap this stupid plotline in. 2014.11.03S02.E07

Tyrian Shekel For Your Thoughts

A coin brings darkness and betrayal to Sleepy Hollow, and a new ally emerges. 2014.10.07S02.E03

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