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Are The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Giving You The Birds And Bees Again?

The Marses are making friends all over; we made friends with the most important visuals from 'Like A Virgin.' 2017.07.28S01.E08

The Mindy Project Wakes Up Into Yet Another Strange New Life

Time again already for another high-concept episode? Yes. We've collected the most important moments from 'Mindy Lahiri Is A White Man'! 2017.03.14S05.E12

Love And Human Remains

Has Liv found a man whose heart beats in time with hers? 2015.04.15S01.E05

The Dick Files

A fond look at the best Dick moments from his recent web series. 2015.03.27

Should You Meet Bad Judge In Chambers?

A sitcom about a woman whose success at work is at odds with her messy personal life? NOW WE'VE HEARD EVERYTHING! 2014.10.02S01.E01

A Dick In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush

Just predicting upcoming lines from the awesome Veronica Mars web spinoff, Play It Again, Dick. 2014.09.17

Battle Of The Reluctant And Inappropriate Quasi-Parental Figures

...in TV shows based on movies, but come on, that would be a really long headline. 2014.04.24S01.E01

Burning Love's Julie Accidentally Sums Up The Bachelorette

Like most cathartic freakouts, this one starts when someone isn't sufficiently serious about puppets. 2013.11.21S02.E03

Burning Love Gives The Bachelor A More Brilliant Parody Than It Deserves

And now its second season is taking on The Bachelorette. 2013.11.13S02.E01

NBC's Siberia, Predicted

NBC just bought a scripted drama about participants on a reality show. What should we expect to see? Our commentator knows. 2013.05.22


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