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Watch Gotham's Robin Lord Taylor Separate Art From Artists On Billy On The Street

'Find the DVD of his movie Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps that's in his beard!' 2017.01.11S05.E08

Is Gotham's Jervis Maybe Kind Of A Weirdo?

Things get so weird that Jim checks completely out from reality, and events make about as much sense. Monty Ashley's got questions! 2016.10.31S03.E07

Is Gotham Really Going There With Eddie And Oswald?

If things keep going the way it looks like they will, this show will have its very first compelling romantic subplot. Monty has questions about 'Follow The White Rabbit'! 2016.10.24S03.E06

Gotham Gets Used To Its New Mayor, And Serves Up Some Questions

Things are happening in the new season. Perhaps too many things? 2016.10.17S03.E05

Exactly What Is Gotham's Mayoral Election Campaign Timeline?

And more questions sparked by the episode! 2016.10.10S03.E04

No One On Gotham Thought This Evil Hypnotist Was Going To Be A Problem?

And more questions sparked by the latest episode! 2016.10.03S03.E03

Gotham Plants Some Questions

It sometimes seems like internal consistency and logic are not this comic book show's #1 priority. Monty Ashley has questions! 2016.09.26S03.E02

Gotham Is Surrounded By Morons And Lunatics

Season 3 says the heck with it and just fills the city with superpowered bad guys to fight. Monty Ashley's got questions! 2016.09.19S03.E01

Gotham Has A Surprisingly Happy Ending

And an asylum full of monsters plus an enormous bomb could have been a real problem. 2016.05.23S02.E22

Gotham Brings Back A Villain

Theo Galavan is determined to kill at least one of the people he vowed to assassinate. Good luck, pal! 2016.05.09S02.E20

Gotham Graduates Its Villains

The Riddler's first caper spirals out of control, and Penguin tries to recapture his old joie de vivre. 2016.04.11S02.E17

Don't Give Up Hope, Urges Gotham

Even in jail, stay strong. All may seem lost, but you never know when a ridiculous plot contrivance will save you. 2016.03.28S02.E16

Chickens And Penguins Come Home To Roost on Gotham

Jim Gordon's past comes back to haunt him, and Penguin comes back to Gotham to haunt his old friends. 2016.03.21S02.E15

Gotham Introduces Another Fake Joker

Lori Petty acts normal (well...normal for Lori Petty), but she's got a look that seems pretty familiar. 2016.03.14S02.E14

Mr. Freeze Suits Up On Gotham

An iconic villain gets his iconic look and engages in some iconic mayhem. 2016.03.07S02.E13

Gotham Has A Strange New Villain

Arkham Asylum is now led by a gentleman named Hugo Strange. That sounds safe! 2016.02.29S02.E12

Gotham Resolves A Plot Or Two

It's the midseason finale, and nothing will ever be the same! Except for the things that will. 2015.11.30S02.E11

Gotham Goes Underground

The secret was right below us the whole time. Unless you're in the basement; then it was on the same level as you. 2015.11.23S02.E10

Gotham Introduces A Deadly Flamingo

His full name is 'Eduardo Flamingo,' which is barely in the top ten weird things about him. 2015.11.17S02.E09

Gotham Throws A Wedding!

Well, most of a wedding: all the drama and none of the legally-binding obligations. 2015.11.09S02.E08

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