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Girls Debate Whether The Baby Daddy Should Be In The Picture

If Hannah thought being a mom would mean being in charge, she's sadly disappointed. 2017.03.20S06.E06

Ginny Goes Overboard With The 'Just Do It' Concept On Pitch

A lucrative endorsement deal leads to a social-media meltdown for our hero while Sarah D. Bunting wonders what the BFD is about a little Roomba beer pong. 2016.11.03S01.E06

Peter Scolari Cracks Tom Hanks Up On Bosom Buddies

Which is, let's face it, funnier than anything the show tried to do on purpose. 2016.09.23

Is Nora Ephron Doc Everything Is Copy Worth A Close Read?

Her son Jacob Bernstein's look at his mother's life is professionally built and highly personal. Should you leaf through it? 2016.03.22

Bride Of Girls

It's already Marnie's wedding day, with all the ultra-concentrated existential horror you would expect that to entail. 2016.02.21S05.E01

Bye Willicia. Bye!

Our Marathon Diarist tries to delve into Will's alleged criminal career and the breakup of Willicia, but gets distracted by ladies' suits. 2015.07.10

The Long Goodbye

As Hannah prepares to leave for Iowa, we get glimpses of how much better this show might be without her. 2015.01.11S04.E01

Voters To Alicia: 'You're Likable Enough'

Alicia lets the participants in a campaign focus group get in her head when she's not assisting a college student trying to get her rapist expelled. Meanwhile, Kalinda gets a tough assignment, and Cary tries to get over himself. 2014.11.10S06.E08

Hollywood Game Night Is A Land Of Contrasts, Again

At left: a person who showed up to play. Right: useless; drunk. (Useless drunk?) 2014.05.16S02.E13

They Came To Pick Me Up From Rehab, And I Will Go, Go, Go

Girls returns with a departure, in more ways than one. 2014.01.13S03.E01

Bar Association

The Good Wife's witty casting strikes again. 2013.10.09S05.E02


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