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The Good Wife Dusts Off Her Old Routine For Peter's Trial

But can even the intercession of St. Alicia save him now? 2016.05.02S07.E21

Shame Shame, Your Partners Already Got Rid Of Your Name

As Alicia ponders her next move after election-rigging disgrace, Kalinda ponders how to handle the whole Lemond Bishop situation in a fashion that gets as few people murdered as possible. 2015.04.27S06.E20

Chicago's Dirty Politics Shocks Alicia...Again? Somehow?

Alicia is forced to defend her election victory against charges of voting-machine fraud committed on her behalf, with the help of Ron Rifkin's hot shot lawyer Spencer Randolph. Let's hope he's less evil here than he was with another cute TV brunette a few years back. 2015.04.13S06.E19

Alicia's Victory Party Is Definitely Over

Cook County's new SA gets about ten seconds of celebration before the job starts to suck. 2015.03.30S06.E17

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Vote

Will Alicia's dreams of State's Attorneyhood get scuttled by Peter's subtle sabotage? Or are those maybe not even actually her dreams at all? 2015.03.23S06.E16

The Brady Violation Bunch

With Cary hours away from going to prison, his legal team discovers that they might be able to withdraw his plea over a Brady violation. Maybe they should tell him? And maybe not. 2015.01.05S06.E11

Cary Courts Disaster

It's finally time for Cary's trial, which means it's also time for Cary to face head-on exactly how weak his case is. 2014.11.24S06.E10

Voters To Alicia: 'You're Likable Enough'

Alicia lets the participants in a campaign focus group get in her head when she's not assisting a college student trying to get her rapist expelled. Meanwhile, Kalinda gets a tough assignment, and Cary tries to get over himself. 2014.11.10S06.E08

Ready Player...3?

Alicia learns that Castro may not be the only windbag she needs to worry about. 2014.11.03S06.E07

Dr. Masters Learns There Is Such A Thing As Bad Publicity

While Bill tries to do an end-run around Hendricks with a puff piece in a newspaper, Virginia and Lillian's friendship is tested again, and Betty and Helen's gets more complicated. 2014.08.17S02.E06


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