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The Designated Survivor's Shooter Comes Back To Life

But can we say the same for his next VP choice? 2017.04.27S01.E18

The Designated Survivor Exercises Judicial Restraint

Republican lawmakers hope to stop the president from appointing a ninth Supreme Court justice. Like that would ever happen. 2017.04.20S01.E17

Riveting Television On Designated Survivor?

Yes, but we're not the ones watching it. 2017.04.13S01.E16

The Designated Survivor Offloads Some Dead Weight

Another week brings another kick to the Kirkmans. 2017.03.23S01.E13

Shocking Developments For The Designated Survivor

But another one of Hannah Wells's leads turns into a dead end. 2017.03.16S01.E12

Surviving Becomes A Full-Time Job On Designated Survivor

The assassin's bullet hasn't killed anyone...yet. 2017.03.09S01.E11

Agents Of SHIELD Takes A Trip Into The Past

Gideon Malick's shocking secret is revealed: he used to dress like he was in A Separate Peace. 2016.04.13S03.E16

Should You Hop A Ride On Underground?

Or is WGN America's new historic slave drama going to jump the tracks? 2016.03.09S01.E01

Will Anyone Make It Out Of Wayward Pines Alive?

With one week left until the finale, and the destruction of titular town at hand, Alex Zeidel weighs everyone's chances of survival. 2015.07.16S01.E09

Who's The Biggest Sex Freak of Wayward Pines?

While Ethan races to save his son from an explosive sex truck, Alex Zeidel considers the carnal proclivities of the Waywardians. 2015.07.02S01.E07

A Foolproof Plan, Unless That Fool Is Juliette Lewis

Ethan attempts to escape Wayward Pines again -- this time, with the help of an unstable Scientologist. 2015.05.21S01.E02

The Call Is Coming From Inside SHIELD

SHIELD faces off against its most unexpected foe: SHIELD itself. SHIELD doesn't do too well. Good news for SHIELD, huh? 2015.04.01S02.E15

Here Comes The Triple Cross

Skye feels betrayed, even though it's Coulson who has actual traitors in his midst. It's only a matter of time before one of them turns out to be a secret good guy, though. 2015.03.25S02.E14

Cal Causes Trouble

With Hydra sidelined and the double agents not doing anything yet, it's up to Skye's father to drum up some drama. Mission accomplished! 2015.03.18S02.E13

A Smashing Good Time

A guest from the movies (no, not one of the stars) stops by to advance the plot a little bit. And Skye breaks some stuff! 2015.03.11S02.E12

Finally, Some Superpowers

This show based on a comic-book universe finally commits itself to showing some comic-book stuff onscreen occasionally. Also, there is shouting. 2015.03.04S02.E11

How I Met My Father

Skye gets a father, revenge, and another name. And then she gets ruthlessly shuffled around according to the whims of the plot, which is where things get sketchy. 2014.12.10S02.E10

A New Direction

It's time for the semi-annual announcement that Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. has definitely found its footing and is good now. This time for sure. 2014.11.19S02.E08

Let Homicide: Life On The Street Out Of The Holding Cell

It's time to parole the cult pre-Wire procedural to streaming video. 2013.10.09

Journeyman Is Freed At Last

Welcome the prematurely cancelled, finally paroled 2007 time-travel drama into your Hulu queue. 2013.08.21

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