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The Americans Seek A Sensor From A Sensitive Old Contact

The run up to the summit requires the acquisition of some important tech from an Air Force general who REALLY doesn't want to give it up. 2018.04.04S06.E02

The Americans Prepare For A Summit By Spying Harder Than Ever

Philip gets out, but will Directorate S pull him back in with his most challenging assignment yet? We take you through the Season 6 premiere in this EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP! 2018.03.28S06.E01

Is House Of Cards Forecasting The Beginning Of The End For The First Couple?

When Claire has a chance to gain her own place in the White House, without Frank, will she jump at the chance? 2017.06.01

Has House Of Cards Shown Us Everything In Its Bag Of Tricks?

Or will an election and some new characters spice up this slow season? 2017.06.01S05.E04

In Chapter 45, House Of Cards Goes Organic

A medical issue arises, and we get an exclusive from a key figure. 2016.03.07S04.E06

How Much Of A Nightmare Monster Must Claire Have Been As A Teenager?

And more not-quite-burning questions about S04.E05. 2016.03.07S04.E05

House Of Cards Wades Into The Crowd

And Stephanie Cangro really can't with what happens next. 2016.03.06S04.E04

It's Not So Good To Be The Keen

Infected, framed, incarcerated, poked, shot at, chased, taunted -- the season finale really puts Liz through the wringer. 2015.05.15S02.E22

When You Karakurt Enough To Send The Very Best

What do you get the guy who has everything? A deadly virus tailor-made for him! Really. You shouldn't have. 2015.05.08S02.E21

These Master Debaters Make A Mess All Over The Place

Frank fights fiercely for the state of Iowa but neglects the state of his marriage yet again. 2015.05.04S03.E11

A Tisket, A Tasket, A Surprise Inside A Casket

Is that a potentially deadly terrorist attack in your coffin, or are you just happy to see me? 2015.05.01S02.E20

Frank Plays Games Of Love And War But It's Claire Who Loses

Old friends resurface (of both the human and animal variety) and Frank is forced to choose between his loyalties and his future. 2015.04.29S03.E10

Necessary Surgery

Will Red Reddington survive the sniper attack? Of course! Will Tom ever get rid of his SS tattoo? The jury is still out! 2015.04.24

Hands Up If You're A Dick

Everyone on The Blacklist is such a dick, Red should consider calling it The Dicklist. 2015.03.27S02.E17

A Crisis Of Frank

An episode mostly concerned with table-setting ends with a rather surprising showdown between the President of the United States and Jesus Christ. 2015.03.23S03.E04

Once Upon A Tom In America

To keep Liz from going to jail for murder, Red needs to get Tom back to the U.S. -- or does he? 2015.03.20S02.E16

Putin On The Ritz

When the Russians come to Washington, they bring their vodka and rude party manners with them. 2015.03.16S03.E03

Claire Gives Frank Life In The Grossest Way Possible

The second episode of the season finds the Underwoods dealing with the pressures of being President and First Lady in a manner far more upsetting than splitting a cigarette by the window. 2015.03.09S03.E02

A Pain In The Doug

The third season of House of Cards finds President Underwood…not doing much. At least not as much as a perpetually troubled compatriot. 2015.03.02S03.E01

The Downward Spiral

Hannah's life is falling apart again. Is it as Girls-y as it sounds? 2014.03.17S03.E11


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