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An Alarm That Sends The Veronica Mars Visual Aids To Your Cell Phone?

Veronica busts a couple hackers; John and Sarah bust on aughties fashion and simpy one-off love interests in the most important pics from S01.E04. 2017.06.30S01.E04

Another Season Of Fargo Down In History

It's the final showdown between 'true' and 'story.' 2017.06.21S03.E10

If There's More Fargo To Come, Where Could It Go From Here?

As another season winds down, amid rumors that it may be the last, how might the stories spin off if the rumors aren't true? 2017.06.14S03.E09

On Fargo, Nikki Encounters Two Rays Of Hope

But are they too late to help her in this world? 2017.06.07S03.E08

Does Fargo Exist In The World Of Fargo?

Questions abound as Gloria explores her late stepfather's mysterious La-La Land past and Fargo becomes a lutefisk-out-of-Water story. 2017.05.03S03.E03

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life Makes It Clear Who The Show's True Protagonist Is

And Nick Rheinwald-Jones is not a crackpot, but he's sure it isn't Lorelai or Rory. 2016.12.02S08.E04

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life Reminds Us Of The Value Of A Good Dramedy

A funeral provides an occasion for some tears, some laughs, and a whole lot of realness. 2016.11.28S08.E01

Wait -- Was It Just The Whiskey That Made How I Met Your Mother's Robin Seem Cool?

Maybe the Scotch represents everything Robin really is. Or, maybe it's just everything that Robin wishes she could be. 2016.08.16

Let's Rank The Creepiest Moments Of Twin Peaks's Series Finale!

(That is, the episode that was the season finale until the sequel was announced.) Time to give the Black Lodge its due: it was the setting for some really spooky stuff. 2016.06.01S02.E22

Agent Carter Learns To Love The Bomb

The first step in loving something is stealing it from a secure site. Everyone knows that. 2016.02.10S02.E05

She's Got L'Eggs! She Knows How To Use Them!

Competition from the famous brand gives Joan a headache in more ways than one. 2015.04.06S07.E08

Megan It Official

Don tries to become an honest man through early Season 5 of the Mad Men Marathon Diary. 2015.03.06

Sophomore Slug

Is the second Agent Carter episode as exciting and full of punches as the first? Or is it soft and mild, like Jarvis? 2015.01.07S01.E02

Marshall Gives His Slapping Hand A Break

But it's just so he can punch someone instead. How Mother-ly is our latest pre-wedding speed bump? 2014.03.11S09.E20

How I Fooled Your Mother Into Drinking A Fake Hangover Cure

How Mother-y was Barney's Fixer Elixir? The secret ingredient was love (awwww). 2014.02.25S09.E18

Beverly Hills, 90210 Has Done Its Time

Now release it for online streaming already, or NEVER TALK TO ME AGAIN. 2013.05.15S05.E18

Enough Already With This Ted-And-Robin Business

For God's sake, both of you, MOVE ON DOT ORG. 2013.05.07S08.E23

Robin Cares About Her Fiancé Getting Her Father's Permission To Marry Her?

Robin Scherbatsky? Of all characters on TV? Oh hell no. 2013.01.15S08.E13


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