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Black Mirror's 'Nosedive' Could Be Your Guide To De-Pinteresting Your Life

Lisa Schmeiser is not a crackpot. She just thinks this episode illustrates that the primary peril of social media is not how it warps your social interactions, but how it muffles your sense of style. 2016.10.21S03.E01

This Is Jon Hamm's Secret Strategy To Cameo On Every TV Show By The End Of 2018

The world's most handsome actor has a plan to take over TV in the most efficient manner possible and we're so on board. 2016.09.25

Let's Rank The Booziest Episodes Of Parks & Recreation!

Because the Pawnee Parks Department was all about that after-work drink. 2016.08.17

Should You Cuff Yourself To The Couch For Angie Tribeca?

Steve Carell and Nancy Walls Carell bring us Rashida Jones as the titular character in our generation's Police Squad!. Will you find it arresting? 2016.01.15S01.E01

Who Should Portray Making A Murderer's Primary Players In The Premium-Cable Miniseries?

Sarah D. Bunting's wish list might surprise you. Dun dun DUNN! 2015.12.23S01.E07

Season 3 Is Obliterating Everything That Made Brooklyn Nine-Nine A Good Sitcom

And Mark would like to know what the hell happened. 2015.10.05S03.E02

These Are The Ads That Try Mets-Fans' Souls

An incomplete but powerfully felt list of ads Sarah D. Bunting has repeatedly and barely endured during the 2015 baseball season, ranked. 2015.08.27

Bye Bye, Parks And Recreation

You're five thousand candles in the wind. 2015.02.25S07.E12

Parks, We Want To Love You, But Enough With the Gryzzl Already

A fervent prayer for changes to the final season of Parks & Recreation, from a BASICALLY optimistic Mark Blankenship. 2015.02.03

Ron And Leslie And All About That Breakup

Two determined enemies consider a path to peace -- a path that cuts right through the fire Billy Joel didn't start. 2015.01.21S07.E04

SNL Season 40: The First-Time Hosts We'd Like To See

With Season 39 barely cold in the ground, it's time already to look ahead to the future! 2014.05.23

Leslie's Ambition Fights Leslie's Heart In The Parks & Recreation Finale

The National Parks Service is calling, and Leslie finally decides whether to answer. 2014.04.24S06.E22

Are Two Jerries Better than One?

Just imagine how upset Brooklyn Nine-Nine's schlubby duo would make Tom Haverford. 2014.03.25

Perkins Power

Parks & Recreation needs Ann’s boring ass. 2013.10.10S06.E04

How Awesome Is The Awesomes?

The Hulu series is awesomer than this author expected. 2013.08.01

Lowe And Jones Are Leaving Parks & Recreation

This is lit-rally...eh, I'm too sad. 2013.07.31

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