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In Part 3, When We Rise Wonders If Gay People Should Be 'Normal'

Or is being normal just a new form of oppression? 2017.03.02S01.E03

Jamal's Voice Is The Real Money On Empire

And other small details that make this episode a high (note). 2016.04.28S02.E14

Boom Boom Boom Goes The Empire

Hakeem's abduction leaves him hungry for vengeance. 2015.11.04S02.E06

Praise The Lord And Pass The Empire

When Andre decides to get baptized, a couple cats hop out of the bag. 2015.10.22S02.E05

Empire Reminds Us That You Should Never Threaten A Lyon's Cubs

Will Cookie crumble when she gets hauled back to jail? 2015.10.14S02.E04

The Empire Strikes Back

Lucious is out of jail, back on top, and raining on everyone's parade...but for how long? 2015.10.07S02.E03

On Empire, Everyone's A Little Thirsty

So take a big drink of law enforcement brutality, parental rejection, and blackmail! 2015.09.30S02.E02

Empire Returns In A Whirl Of Glorious Insanity

Cannibalism? Check. A caged Cookie in a gorilla suit? Check. Double-crosses? Double check. 2015.09.23S02.E01

Being Jamal's Beard Is SO Raven

God willing, the Nobel Prize committee saw Raven-Symoné's appearance in this week's Empire. 2015.02.11S01.E06


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