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EHG 155: Is Anne With An E The Red-Headed Stepchild Of Reboots?

Alex Collins joins us to talk Anne Of Green Gables, Six Feet Under, and more! 2017.05.17

Powers Boothe Won An Emmy Playing Jim Jones

Beat some serious competish in 1980, too. 2016.09.13

Battle Of The Deadwood Saloons

'No law at all in Deadwood.' But there were plenty of bars! 2016.08.18

Agents Of SHIELD Assembles The Secret Warriors

It's Daisy's first time leading an Inhuman strike force! It goes about as well as you'd expect. 2016.04.20S03.E17

Agents Of SHIELD Takes A Trip Into The Past

Gideon Malick's shocking secret is revealed: he used to dress like he was in A Separate Peace. 2016.04.13S03.E16

Agents Of SHIELD Looks Toward The Future

Everybody always wants to change the future. No one gets prophetic visions and decides everything's going to be okay. 2016.04.06S03.E15

Agents of SHIELD Has A Job Go Bad In Russia

Things get genuinely emotional for once as characters start to relate to each other just a minute too late. 2016.03.23S03.E13

Agents Of SHIELD Gets Into Fighting And Kissing

There are double-crosses and crazy outfits and crazier gadgets and it's all still kind of boring. 2016.03.16S03.E12

Agents Of SHIELD Has A Soft Reboot

There are new Inhumans and a new role for SHIELD. And Ward is sort of still around, but he doesn't look at all well. 2016.03.09S03.E11

Agents of SHIELD Is More Than Kind Of Blue

The Inhuman Squad gets its first workout, and a certain nameless blue planet returns. 2015.12.09S03.E10

Agents Of SHIELD Goes Off The Map

Some of the season's unbreakable rules get broken on the way to some unexpected cliffhangers. 2015.12.02S03.E09

Agents of SHIELD Puts Together A Plan

The plan goes screwy almost immediately, but the important part is that there was, at one point, a plan. 2015.11.18S03.E08

Agents Of SHIELD Tries Sleeping With The Frenemy

There's apparently no rule against fraternization for these people. Does SHIELD even have an HR department? 2015.11.11S03.E07

Agents Of SHIELD Surprises No One

Remember that thing that everyone thought was going to happen? It happened. 2015.11.04S03.E06

The Powers And The Glory

Lunch And A Show on special abilities, sad songs, eighties sci-fi, and Jim Jones. 2015.09.30

Rage About Your Crappy Baby Shower All You Want, But Do NOT Joke About Rayna's Hair!

When Rayna ditches her shower-hostessing duties to deal with one of her other artists' having KILLED A GUY, Juliette's reaction is...suboptimal. 2015.04.09S03.E17

Le Mort De Lamar

Angry Rayna is the best Rayna, even (or especially) when she's burying her father. 2014.02.27S02.E15

NBC Makes Michael J. Fox A Free Agent, And Maybe All TV Is Better For It?

The Good Wife has already locked up the former star of The Michael J. Fox Show to reprise his old role, but where could he go after that? 2014.02.07

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