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Better Call Saul Splits The Difference

A time jump sees Kim maaaybe preparing to cast off more than her injury when Huell gets in trouble, and work hits snags on two fronts for Gus, in our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP of S04.E07, 'Something Stupid.' 2018.09.17S04.E07

Better Call Saul Copes Near Copiers

Kim steps in for Jimmy in the settling of Chuck's estate while Jimmy sells himself as a salesman in our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP of 'Breathe.' 2018.08.13S04.E02

In Which A Hail Of Preachy Anvils Flattens Any Desire To Watch Law & Order: SVU

A quintessentially Season 18 double episode -- well intended and acted, but self-righteous and clumsy -- tries to tell us what to think about immigration policy. 2017.05.25S18.E21

The Night Of Knew How To Appeal To Us

As Naz's story ends (and begins, in its way), a crime show that understood what we need from crime shows gave us just enough. 2016.08.29S01.E08

Red Between The Lines On The Night Of

A symbology of inconvenient truths as the defense mounts its case. 2016.08.21S01.E07

Is The Night Of's Writing Too Dependent On The Goodwill Attached To Its Cast?

And other not-quite-burning questions from the most recent not-nearly-fast-moving-enough episode. 2016.07.31S01.E04

The Night Of's Heart Of Stone

How a dark procedural commentary on criminal justice uses its protagonist, and his relationships and reputation, in just the right way. 2016.07.17S01.E02


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