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EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP: Game Of Thrones Has Revelations, Betrayals, And Boat Sex

The penultimate season finale moves a bunch of pieces around to get where it needed to be: with an army of zombies about to destroy absolutely everything. Finally! 2017.11.15S07.E07

Things Are Going Great For Everybody On Game Of Thrones!

Secrets are unearthed! Private embarrassments are discussed! It's a super-fun time! 2016.05.23S06.E05

Game Of Thrones Takes Us Down To Paradox City

With peace in Meereen, and a death that's a pity. 2016.05.23S06.E05

Game Of Thrones Gets A Healthy Dose Of Bran

And it really cleans out a couple of the Houses! 2016.05.02S06.E02

Game Of Thrones Brings Even More Death -- But Also Some Life! ...But Still Mostly Death

Also, that thing that everyone thought was going to happen? It happened. 2016.05.02S06.E02

Borgen Casts A Vote For Change

Fictional Denmark goes to the polls as Borgen wraps up an eventful third season. 2013.12.09S03.E10

That's So Ravn

Borgen's Katrine and Kasper have one of the most interesting relationships on TV. In which direction will latest interloper Soren Ravn push it? 2013.11.25S03.E08

Making Millions Of Mistakes

Danish Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg ends her second year in office stronger, wiser, and maybe a little bit less sad. 2013.09.30S02.E10

Clinging To Power

Birgitte Nyborg has been the Danish Prime Minister for a year. It doesn't look like much fun. 2013.07.22S01.E10

Gallery Girl

In which Birgitte learns that not all modern art is created equal. 2013.06.03S01.E03

Did Borgen Just Prove The Existence Of Parallel Universes?

Borgen offers compelling evidence. 2013.05.20S01.E01


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