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Is This The Girls' Last Stand?

It's as if they know they're approaching the final (shower) curtain. 2017.04.10S06.E09

Girls Debate Whether The Baby Daddy Should Be In The Picture

If Hannah thought being a mom would mean being in charge, she's sadly disappointed. 2017.03.20S06.E06

Peter Scolari Cracks Tom Hanks Up On Bosom Buddies

Which is, let's face it, funnier than anything the show tried to do on purpose. 2016.09.23

EHG 129: Snatching Wigs With RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars

Mark Blankenship gets into the Blankenship Chair to spill the T. 2016.09.13

Watch Sully Play The Title Character In Tom Hanks's Biopic On Jimmy Kimmel Live

And Peter Scolari shows off his Emmy-nominated form! 2016.09.09

Stuff Gets Real On Girls

The season's last two episodes are all about uncomfortable truths, which is normal for Girls but with more truth. 2016.04.18S05.E09

A Girls Retreat

Hannah joins her mom for a spa weekend so that they can both learn something about the value of a kind man who makes you miserable. 2016.03.21S05.E05

Girls Gives Someone The Boot

Now it's Hannah who's supporting her father, which would be a reversal if she weren't so terrible at it. 2016.02.28S05.E02

'You Still Have To Take The Time To Build The World Effectively'

Sarah D. Bunting and John Ramos on Madoff, finance procedurals, and what a Ruth Gardens spinoff might look like. 2016.02.03

Gotham Plus The Shield Equals...Police Academy?!

Someone new is determined to clean up the Gotham City Police Department. That should go well, right? 2015.10.12S02.E04

Gotham Smells Magic In The Air

An evil plot comes to fruition, which is bad news for someone. Isn't that always the way? 2015.10.05S02.E03

Gotham Lightens The Mood

Just kidding! Actually, there are dozens of onscreen murders. 2015.09.28S02.E02

Gotham Starts Over

This season of Gotham is supposed to have more villains. But does that have to mean less Bullock? 2015.09.21S02.E01

Battle Of The Corrupt Comic-Book Cop Shops

Daredevil's NYPD takes on Gotham's GCPD to determine which department is dirtier. 2015.05.08S01.E06

Into The Breech

It's a night for all the Girls to take a big step: Shosh, Marnie, Jessa, Hannah, and Jessa-Hannah. 2015.03.23S04.E10

Bad News, Worse News

Hannah tries to pretend she's cool with new developments instead of just trying to pretend she's cool. 2015.03.15S04.E09

Who's Your Daddy

Hannah's drama is finally overshadowed, and Elijah is finally proven right. 2015.03.08S04.E08

Funny Farm

Doesn't every corrupt police commissioner have a crazy daughter locked in an attic somewhere? 2015.03.03S01.E18

Poisoned Pen

Hannah finally figures out what to write at the Iowa Writers' Workshop. The operative word being 'at.' 2015.02.08S04.E04

Will Hannah Fly In Flyoverland?

Hannah's ongoing fish-out-of-water tale finds another kind of non-water to drop her into. 2015.01.18S04.E02

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