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In Which A Hail Of Preachy Anvils Flattens Any Desire To Watch Law & Order: SVU

A quintessentially Season 18 double episode -- well intended and acted, but self-righteous and clumsy -- tries to tell us what to think about immigration policy. 2017.05.25S18.E21

Is Law & Order: SVU's Take On The Roger Ailes Allegations Fair And Balanced?

HA HA HA HA HAAAAAA try 'tiresome and preachy,' but there's some good work from the guest stars. 2017.04.27S18.E16

Law & Order: SVU Weighs The Rights Of The Many

A ripped-from-the-headlines shooting sees Liv taking the needs of the few personally. 2016.09.21S18.E01

Center Stage: On Pointe Knows All The Dance Movie Tropes; It's Just Not Sure How To Work Them

Let's count down its offenses, from least egregious to most. 2016.06.25

The Law & Order: SVU Finale Breaks Up The Family

A manipulative, but effective, end to Season 17. 2016.05.25S17.E23

Floor Bourbon To French Whore's Bath: The Week's Best Moments For New Girl Nick

Schmidt's surrogate dad shows why he got the job...and why he maybe shouldn't have it? 2016.05.04S05.E20

Maybe We Could Have Separated From Togetherness A Little Sooner Than We Did

How the second and final season forgot what made the first so good. 2016.04.10S02.E08

And Forgive Us Our Emmy-Reel Trespasses On Law & Order: SVU

Good acting bails out overwrought writing as the squad struggles to exonerate Liv and Tucker. 2016.03.24S17.E18

SVU Gives New Meaning To The Term 'Internal Affairs'

And not in a good way. A sex-ring bust goes awry, then really awry as SVU's investigation implicating the church and 1PP sets Liv's entire life on fire. 2016.03.03S17.E17

Togetherness Teaches Tina A Tough Lesson About Trivia

Trying to impress a dude by showing up his lady is only human. Just...make sure you aren't way, way, WAY outmatched on the field of battle. 2016.02.28S02.E02

In Which Everyone On SVU Learns A Very Valuable Lesson About Not Reading The Comments

A vlogger's accusations against a TV star get ugly for everyone involved. 2016.02.25S17.E16

Alex's Honesty Continues Terrifying Tina In The Togetherness Season 2 Premiere

On his birthday, Alex gives Tina the gift of the truth. Unfortunately for both of them, she's still not trying to hear it. 2016.02.21S02.E01

SVU Takes (On) The Subway (Case)

A kiddie-porn sting uncovers more than the squad bargained for -- but the news isn't all bad. 2016.02.18S17.E15

If You See Something, Say Something

When a courtyard assault goes unreported by dozens of neighbors, the Law & Order: SVU squad has its work cut out. 2016.02.03S17.E13

Battle Of The Love Lives Of Two Former Colleagues Of Mark Greene

Who's going down in this Harg-Marg-superstar Show Down between the romantic achievements of Olivia Benson and Alicia Florrick? Spoiler: Chris Noth, probably. 2015.12.18

Olivia Benson's Booty Calls, In Order Of Author Preference

Sarah D. Bunting tried to class up that headline, buuuut she didn't try that hard. (Heh, 'hard.') 2015.12.16

Vote For The Best Law & Order Fantasy Draft Team!

The winner gets Buntsy points and a DonorsChoose.org donation! We need YOUR verdict! 2015.12.15

The Good Wife Exercises Its Right To Choose...To Defend Someone Who Filmed A Deceptive Anti-Choice Video

Reese Dippold continues not to need to be onscreen in order to force Diane into awkward intellectual positions, while Grace hustles to help Alicia keep the lights on. 2015.11.23S07.E08

Garret Dillahunt May Have Booked A Villain Role On The Walking Dead

Sure, it's still just a rumour...but let's talk stuntcasting anyway! 2015.11.06

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