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The Path Asks, What's Worse Than A Cult?

And the answer is 'your family,' of course. 2016.04.06S01.E03

Should You Find Your Way To The Path?

Or does Hulu's new alternative religion/family drama drive into a ditch? 2016.03.30S01.E01

Pulp Friction Chafes The Affair

Cole's made a new friend, Alison says hello to Robert's little friend, and Noah's book proves to be no friend to Alison's reputation. 2015.11.01S02.E05

The Marrying Kind

In a triumph of hope over experience, Noah and Alison decide they're going to give this marriage thing another go. And Whitney takes the news about as well as you'd expect, which is to say not at all. 2015.10.18S02.E03

The Affair Explores Cole Dependency

Cole Lockhart is a sleep-deprived, powder-snorting spurned husband with thoughts of revenge and self-loathing competing for space in his heart. He's also the most put-together of all the main characters in The Affair so far this season. 2015.10.11S02.E02


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