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Can Downton Abbey's Grand Finale Deliver Happy Endings Even To Its Poutiest Patricians?

Christmas comes to Downton, but will everyone get to enjoy some holiday cheer? 2016.03.06S06.E09

Which Of Downton Abbey's Snitty Sisters Will Get To Be The Girl With The Most Cake?

Edith and Mary deal with the complications of their love lives. Mostly not well. 2016.02.21S06.E08

Downton Abbey Gets Its Motor Running (Around And Around And Around The Track)

The whole family plus some hangers-on journey to Brooklands to see if Henry is, in fact, the best at cars. What a fun way to spend an afternoon! Or...part of an afternoon, anyway. 2016.02.14S06.E07

Roll Up! Roll Up For The Downton Abbey Manor House Tour!

Scandalous inter-toff fight guaranteed to every ticket holder! Come on, it's for charity! 2016.02.07S06.E06

Side Effects Of Downton Abbey's Endless Hospital Merger Storyline Include...

The Dowager C escalates her campaign by inviting Health Minister Neville Chamberlain to dine at Downton. You'll want to push fluids for this one. 2016.01.31S06.E05

Beloved Old Faces Return To Surprise The Ladies Of Downton Abbey

Only one of those faces is probably going to get frenched pretty soon though. Elsewhere, another household employee has a run-in with Sgt. Willis, and Daisy is still a pinko. 2016.01.24S06.E04

Mr. Carson And Mrs. Hughes Are Going To The Chapel, But Will They Have Their Reception At Downton Abbey?

And will Mary remember that she's not actually the bride and therefore not in charge? 2016.01.17S06.E03

Downton Abbey Remembers Mrs. Drewe Long Enough To Make Her Look Nuts

When a farmer's wife runs up against the wealth and power of her husband's landlord, she...wishes she hadn't, probably. 2016.01.10S06.E02

Downton Abbey Forces Mary To Atone For Her Premarital Sexcapades

...or, at least, it makes her think, for a while, that she might have to. But that sounds more like an Edith thing, right? 2016.01.03S06.E01

The Many Dicks of Downton

Yes, there are some characters even more dickish than Donk. 2015.03.23

The (Man) Hunt Is On!

When the Crawleys go on a shooting holiday with the Sinderbys, Mary gets thrown in the path of an eligible gentleman she's somehow never met before. And don't sleep on the C-plot: Denker makes some broth! 2015.03.01S05.E09

Screw Edith: How's Isis?!

As Rosamund and The Dowager C are forced to bring Cora into the cone of silence regarding Edith's escape, Isobel announces her engagement, Charles solves Mary's romantic issue. But the people problems pale next to the poor, poor pup. 2015.02.15S05.E07

'This Herr Hitler' Is Only The Latest European To Ruin Edith's Happiness

Elsewhere, The Dowager C gets more news about the princess, Rose gets closer to Atticus, and Mary gets a kicky new 'do. 2015.02.08S05.E06

Has The Time Come For Punting Bunting?

While Tom considers his future with Sarah Bunting, Rosamund noses around Edith's relationship with this farmer's daughter she's heard about, and Simon Bricker is back to photograph Cora's Della Francesca...and maybe more. 2015.02.01S05.E05

Simon Bricker's An Art Historian, All Right: The Art Of Seduction!

As Cora gets woo pitched at her some more, The Dowager C pulls strings for her old side piece, and Lord G and Sarah Bunting have their most vicious showdown yet! 2015.01.25S05.E04

'I'm Not Too Keen On Miss Bunting'

Mary deals with the consequences of her sex tourism, Cora appreciates art (and gets appreciated for it), and that boor Sarah Bunting ruins yet another party! 2015.01.18S05.E03

Contraception AND Radio? What A Time To Be Alive!

While Mary makes Anna go buy her birth control, Lord G resists Rose's relentless pro-wireless lobbying...for a while. 2015.01.11S05.E02

'Miss Sarah Bunting.' 'What On Earth Is She Doing Here?'

The schoolteacher shows up at a party and scandalizes Lord G, who will remember that scandal fondly after he learns the true nature of Jimmy's relationship with his cougary former employeress. 2015.01.04S05.E01

The Crawleys' Rich American In-Laws Make Friends In London

Mostly blatant gold-diggers, but still! It makes for a little excitement as Rose makes her official début (and almost takes down a head of state). 2014.02.23S04.E09

The Series 4 Finale Of Downton Abbey Is Kind Of Bazaar

As SARAH BUNTING and Tom learn more about each other, Rose and Edith make big moves, and Bates makes a mysterious journey.... 2014.02.16S04.E08

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