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Friends Gave Us A Lot Of Terrible '90s Wedding Dresses, And Here They All Are

I Ross, take thee Rachel's wedding dress and accessories, to throw and let burn in a tire fire for as long as we both shall live. 2016.07.07

Do Not Girls Gentle Into That Good Night

As Girls announces its end date, we predict some of the characters' finale-fitting faceplants. 2016.01.06

What Will Happen When Elizabeth Banks Hosts Saturday Night Live?

And how many Effie Trinket wigs are already on site? 2015.11.13S41.E05

Should You Bunk In For Wet Hot American Summer?

The cult comedy gets a serialized prequel...fourteen years later. Is it just so much bug juice, or will it leave you wanting s'more? 2015.07.30S01.E01

Bye Bye, Parks And Recreation

You're five thousand candles in the wind. 2015.02.25S07.E12

Amy Poehler > Pitbull

According to New Yorkers' reactions to this Billy On The Street segment, the math definitely checks out. 2014.04.24S03.E07

Jimmy Fallon And Paul Rudd Face Off In A Lip Sync Battle

Your life won't be complete until you see Rudd's second number. 2014.02.26

Get Ready To Say Goodbye To The Greatest Event In Television History

This is the end, my friends. Or should I say 'my bosom buddies'? 2014.01.23

What Will Happen When Paul Rudd Hosts (this time)?

A Ron Burgundy walk-on seems kind of likely. 2013.12.06S39.E08

God Help The Mister Who's Come Between Us And Our Sisters

Why isn't the long-running drama available to the public?! 2013.07.26

The Transformation Of Reynold

The most interesting man on the jury. 2013.05.02S26.E12

Poe: 'No.'

The Poe Head and I both hated the season finale. Um, spoiler? 2013.04.30S01.E15

Paul Rudd Makes Comedy Out Of Puke

Try not to love him! It's impossible. 2012.11.20


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