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The Bad Guys On Agents Of SHIELD Were Bad Guys After All

Monty Ashley isn't a crackpot. He just thinks obvious storylines aren't improved by talking about how obvious they are. 2017.01.11S04.E09

Agents Of SHIELD Gets Down To Business

Most of the subplots get set aside so everyone can concentrate on one mission. It goes very badly. 2016.10.26S04.E05

Agents Of SHIELD Turns Out The Lights

A series of blackouts leaves everyone in shadow, especially the bad guys. 2016.10.12S04.E03

No, Seriously This Time! THIS Big Secret Is The Biggest Secret Of All!

The Blacklist pulls rugs from underneath us until it ruins the hardwood floor. 2014.11.11S02.E08

The Female Agent Has Two Faces

On The Blacklist, Navabi is basically the cooler version of Keen. 2014.11.04S02.E07

Whoa! A Perfectly Blacklist-y Blacklist!

And all it took was Campbell Scott. 2014.01.28S01.E13

Jolene, I'm Begging Of You, Please Don't Assassinate My Man

Does The Blacklist have room for a second mole? 2014.01.21S01.E12

Be Very Quiet…I'm Killing Rabbits

How Blacklist-y is quasi-justifiable homicide? 2014.01.14S01.E10

How Blacklist-y Is An Underwater Nuke?

Spoiler: pretty Blacklist-y. 2013.10.29S01.E06


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