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Better Things Fights All The Good Fights In Its First Season

Sam faces battles large and small in a perfect finale to a perfect season. 2016.11.10S01.E10

Better Things Welcomes Max Into The Sucky/Sweet Complexity Of Womanhood

Max takes a break from being a typical teen jerk to admit some vulnerability. The results are lovely. 2016.10.06S01.E05

Pamela Adlon Played A Teen Psychic On 21 Jump Street

Come for the overwritten histrionics, stay for Depp's costume. 2016.09.26S04.E06

Atlanta And Better Things Each Get Picked Up For A Second Season

Comedy writer/creators for the win! 2016.09.20

One Mississippi's Noah Harpster Talks About The Challenges Of Acting In Someone Else's Autobiography

One of those challenges: wearing full Civil War regalia in the Texas sun without fainting. 2016.09.19

Should You Bet On Better Things?

Louis C.K. collaborates with his former Louie sparring partner Pamela Adlon for a sitcom about the life of a fortysomething working actor/working mom. Is it, in fact, Better than most Things on TV? 2016.09.08S01.E01

Louie Mopes Across The Finish Line

If that's all there is, my friends, then let's keep drinking. Let's break out the booze and have a fall. 2016.08.31

Love In An Elevator: Living It Up While Louie's Going Down

Louie jettisons episodic television in favour of multi-(multi-multi-)episode arcs. 2016.08.17

'Are You Ready To Laugh? Tough.' - Louie.

Louie rounds out Season 2 seemingly under the impression that not enough viewers want to kill themselves. 2016.07.20

Are We Done Louie Yet?

Country roads / Take me home / To the place / I belong: Hell. 2016.07.13

A Flower Grows In Louie's Concrete

Season 1 ends in an uncharacteristic upbeat mood, and then it's back to the misadventures of a miserable misanthrope. 2016.07.06

It's Fair To Say Louie May Have Some Issues

In the latest installment of Daniel's Marathon Diary, Louie hates: his mom, hecklers, airplanes, how old he is, his lack of self-control. 2016.06.29

TCA 2015: Penis Monsters, Rock Stars And Cowboys. Oh, And Louis C.K.

You know, what every boy wants to be when he grows up! Except the comedian part. 2015.01.18

Louie Ends His Tour Of The Eligible Women Of Manhattan And Also Hungary

If you like emotionally stunted people whining at/near each other, you probably loved this season of Louie. 2014.06.16S04.E14

As Louie's 'Elevator' Saga Comes To An End, What Has Louie Learned?

Not a word of Hungarian, that's for sure. 2014.06.02S04.E10

Louie's Latest Romantic Prospect Is Just Perfect!

For starters: she can't speak English! 2014.05.19S04.E06

Re-Tooling Californication

Thrust deep within Californication are the seeds of a good show. Matt wonders how a few key decisions could have helped it reach its full tumescence. 2014.05.11S07.E05

How Marc Maron Got His Groove Back

The latest Maron fictionalizes the story of how the titular Marc met his girlfriend. Kind of. 2013.06.17S01.E07


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