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An Astonishing Oprah Winfrey Anchors HBO's Adaptation Of The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks

A massive book becomes a focused, excellent film, thanks in large part to one remarkable performance. 2017.04.21

The Challenge Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is

And two more never-wons have to take a flying leap. Doggies! Babies! The champs arrive in Thailand! 2017.02.14S29.E03

Luke Cage's Councilwoman Fails To Keep Her Own Counsel

But Mariah Dillard's contradictions combine with another outstanding Alfre Woodard performance to make her a character we love. 2016.10.04S01.E06

Is Queen Sugar A Sweet Escape, Or Will It Leave A Sour Taste?

Does Ava DuVernay's new drama series have the potential to rule the airwaves? 2016.09.07S01.E01

Oprah Winfrey Sang With Dolly Parton On Dolly's Variety Hour

And in a late-'80s big-hair battle, everyone wins. 2016.04.28

John Travolta Joined An All-Star Cast For His First Voice-Acting Role In Our Friend, Martin

He's a bully who turns over a friendly new leaf in 1999's painfully earnest educational cartoon about Dr. King and the prime directive. ...Yup. 2016.01.18

Throw 'Em Back

Stephanie and Sarah couldn't agree on which Catfish-erman is more maddening, Max or Nev. Did their discussion change anyone's mind? 2014.06.18

Will Running From Crazy Leave You Out Of Breath?

Mariel Hemingway's documentary memoir of her family's struggles with mental illness isn't quite what she thinks it is -- but it's very watchable. 2014.04.29

Maybe Lindsay Lohan Should Just Retire From Talk Shows

The troubled star's return to The Late Show after a teary appearance exactly one year ago is not as rough. But it's still uncomfortable. 2014.04.10

Should You Put A Bid On American Dream Builders?

Nate Berkus makes like Donald Trump (except not hateful) in NBC's new home design competition show. But is it worth a down payment of your attention? (...Sorry.) 2014.03.21S01.E01

Her Name Is Lindsay

Which "reality" is OWN's LiLo documentary series going for here? 2014.03.17S01.E02

Lindsay Lohan's Obligatory Oprah's Next Chapter Interview

How long did it take this commentator to fall off the wagon? 2013.08.19

The Smize That Binds

Is the co-ed cycle the comeback America's Next Top Model is looking for? 2013.08.02

More Like The Huh's And The 'Dude, NOT's

We have questions. For example: why? 2013.05.29S01.E01

Nothing But Net(s)

Watching Oprah's sit-down with Jason Collins was a tall order. 2013.05.06S02.E29

Titans Of Tongue Baths

The only women Sheryl Sandberg and Oprah Winfrey love more than themselves are EACH OTHER! 2013.03.25S02.E26

Oprah/Chelsea: Our Generation's Frost/Nixon?

If you're allergic to self-congratulation, take a Benadryl. 2013.03.11S02.E24


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