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Are The Librarians Just What The Doctor Ordered?

This week's The Librarians invites along a few classic Doctor Who tropes, but did the host get taken over? 2016.11.28S03.E02

The Librarians's New Big Bad Is Not Bad At All

Dealing with an ancient, all-powerful Egyptian god of chaos is one thing, but the Librarians are going to have their hands full with Vanessa Williams. 2016.11.21S03.E01

Up A Creek Without A Pfeiffer: Reconsidering Entertainment Weekly's 1998 Fall TV Preview

In our second stop through the back catalog of decades-old Fall TV Preview issues, Entertainment Weekly discovers that The WB is an honest-to-god network. Sadly, it makes the same discovery about UPN. 2016.08.12

Ciao Bello; So Long, ER

Praise and thanks for the actor who ruined the ultimate must-see medical drama. 2016.07.08

ER's First-Season Blooper Reel Will Make You Feel Weird For Laughing

But the 'rubber glove 1, Noah Wyle 0' battle happening in the background of a serious scene is funny! 2016.01.27

The Librarians Close The Book On Season 2

But is it destined for the diminishing returns slot? 2015.12.28S02.E10

The Librarians Get Some Northern Exposure

Flynn once again drafts the Librarians into being his supporting cast and threatens to lead another episode into the toilet. 2015.12.21S02.E09

Are Two Of The Librarians Checking Each Other Out?

Is there a romantic future for Cassakiel? Ezendra? A synesthief? 2015.12.07S02.E07

The Librarians Once Again Becomes A Page-Turner

After a slow start, Season 2 finally grabs you. 2015.11.16S02.E04

The Librarians Should Get Beside The Point

Are the show's A-plots its own worst enemy? 2015.11.09S02.E03

Has The Librarians Served Up A Jumpsuit Or A Lawsuit?

The second-season opener of The Librarians raises a question the first season never did: what is Rebecca Romijn wearing? 2015.11.01S02.E01

Collection Development

The Librarians closes out its first season as a retroactive scavenger hunt, not that that's a bad thing. 2015.01.19S01.E10

Out With Flynn

The Librarians needs to fully embrace its title's pluralism. 2014.12.29S01.E05

The Librarians Faces Doctor Who In The Battle Of The Sci-Fi Santas

Two very different Fathers Christmas visited genre shows on each side of the Atlantic this year, but which one should have kept gift receipts? 2014.12.26S08.E13

Book It

If you haven't seen The Librarians yet, you are overdue. 2014.12.15S01.E03

Should You Check Out The Librarians?

Does TNT's new series belong on the top shelf or the slush pile? 2014.12.08S01.E01

Giving Halt And Catch Fire The Benefit Of The Doubt

Brainwashed By Cable: The Tara Ariano Story. 2014.06.01S01.E01

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