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Does BrainDead's Gustav Watch The Good Wife?

And more not-quite-burning questions sparked by the latest BrainDead! 2016.06.27S01.E03

Will BrainDead Ever Give Us A Musical Number?

Minority Whips, PACs, and Tax Prom, in an episode that's still more House Of Cards than Fringe; Adam Grosswirth's got questions! 2016.06.20S01.E02

The Blacklist Can't Keep Its Secrets Buried

Why store information in computers when there are so many dead bodies just lying around? 2016.02.26S03.E16

Rowby Canton Returns To The Good Wife To Get The Old Band Back Together

And when he's not romancing Lucca, the only two law firms in Chicago are battling each other over poaching and re-poaching clients. 2016.01.18S07.E12

The Good Wife Pretends Iowa Doesn't Make Her Want To Barf

Peter is less successful on this score. Elsewhere, a David Lee maneuver might screw Howard over, and the partners' racism goes under the state's microscope. 2016.01.11S07.E11

Eli Messes With The Good Wife's Love Life One Time Too Many

A lot of people seem to want to kill each other this week, but only one of them might actually do it. 2015.12.14S07.E10

Big Data, Big Discovery

Allegations of racist business practices against ChumHum pit Alicia against her old firm. Who will win -- or, given the subject matter, 'win'? 2015.11.30S07.E09

Eli's Evil Plan Risks Entirely Predictable Collateral Damage On The Good Wife

Maybe he should talk to one of the summer intern applicants Lockhart Agos Lee didn't hire. She's got some good ideas for how to be bad. 2015.11.09S07.E06


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