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Claws Nails Viral Marketing

Desna drums up business for the clinic while proposing commune living to Jenn and making her peace (ish) with Virginia's pregnancy in our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP of 'Cracker Casserole'! 2018.06.17S02.E02

Claws Adjusts To Life Under New Management

Desna tries to make the best of the new Riva regime with no help from the Hussers in our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP of the Season 2 premiere! 2018.06.10S02.E01

EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP: Claws Scratches Its Way Through Its Season Finale Showdowns

Who lives? Who dies? Who gets kidnapped? And does everyone make it through with all ten acrylics intact?! 2017.11.08S01.E10

Chanel Welcomes A Brand New Crop Of Chanels On Scream Queens

In the mix? The first Chanel guy, and the first Chanel with more than ten fingers. 2016.11.16S02.E05

It's Halloween On Scream Queens, And Chanel Is Feeling Blue

Not even Chanel-O-Ween can block out the fact that that Chanel's fiancé died. 2016.10.19S02.E04

Scream Queens Decides To Severely Up The Death Count

This has to stop. Someone needs to bring Hester her out-of-date beauty supplies, stat! 2016.10.12S02.E03

Should Scream Queens Really Be Renamed 'Watch Stamos Shower' At This Point?

Two men, one stall. Also, there's a killer on the loose, but it's hard to care what with the nudity? 2016.09.27S02.E02

Masters Of Sex Turns Its Central Partnership Into A Fourgy (Not Literally) (Yet...?)

As Virginia and Bill try to continue having inextricably linked careers, everyone around them has to suffer. Let's rank the characters according to who had the most fun, most sexy week! 2016.09.18S04.E02

As The Masters Of Sex Try To Master Life Apart, Who's Having The Funnest, Sexiest Time?

America's foremost sex researchers commit not to commit to each other. How's that going? 2016.09.11S04.E01

The Scream Queens Finale Is Not A Scream, Queen

We finally learn the identity of the other Red Devil killer, but does it even matter if the finale's going to be as aggressively unfunny as this? 2015.12.09S01.E12

The Scream Queens Try To Slay A Goddess

Everyone thinks Dean Munsch is the killer again, but is anyone smart enough to figure out how to kill her back? 2015.12.02S01.E11

The Scream Queens And Chad's Family Celebrate Thanksgiving By Digging Up The Past And Calling Each Other Names

Just like the Pilgrims and Native Americans, only with more…okay…less murder. 2015.11.25S01.E10

The Scream Queens Distract Themselves With Ghost Stories While Packing Up Their Closets

And Boone isn't the only one with a big secret to divulge. 2015.11.18S01.E09

Get A Prescription For Getting On's Potent Cocktail Of Tragedy And Belly Laughs

Laurie Metcalf, Niecy Nash, and Alex Borstein, return for one last season of HBO's little-watched geriatric comedy. Unlike the show's elderly patients, it's never too late for you to join in. 2015.11.06

Amateur Actors And YouTube Stars Have A Rough Week On Scream Queens

Was the lesbian always just cannon fodder? 2015.10.21S01.E06

It's Halloween (Part II), And The Search Is On For A Missing Scream Queen

With Chanel's Halloween party cancelled, Grace focuses her attention on a missing Zayday. 2015.10.14S01.E05

The Scream Queens Do Halloween (Part I) Right

All the lost bodies are found...and used as set dressing for Zayday's haunted house. 2015.10.07S01.E04

The Latest Scream Queens Contains Significantly Fewer Screams And Queens

After a fun start, American Horror Story: Glee! falls into a second-episode rut, with not enough blood and way too many shirts. 2015.09.30S01.E03

Scream Queens Starts Out Stupid, Scary, Stupid Fun

Parsing the many deaths, resurrections, and monster-sized plot holes of Ryan Murphy's newest anthology series. 2015.09.22S01.E01

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