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Claws Lets Quiet Ann Make A Lot Of Noise

Quiet Ann narrates a very eventful couple of days in her life in our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP of 'Scream'! 2018.07.01S02.E04

Should You Be On The Lookout For APB?

If you've found yourself thinking, 'Man, there's not enough fascism on my TV these days,' brother, have we got the show for you. 2017.02.03S01.E01

Hank From Sirens Rae Carruths His Baby Mama While Lennie Corrects Omar Little's Grammar On Law & Order

And other, more accurate episode summaries from the eleventh season. 2016.08.26

The New Odd Couple

On the first post-holiday Revenge, the Big Death takes its toll on our Hamptonites -- and creates a fun new living situation! 2015.01.05S04.E11

Batman And Batman Jr.

On Revenge, Emily and David can only interact in the shadows, with husky whispers. What's up with the families on Revenge, and who won't live to see Christmas? 2014.12.08S04.E10

Happy Shanksgiving!

As several parties jump on the who-stabbed-Conrad trail, the regular Revenge gang pairs off for some RealTalk. 2014.12.01S04.E09

Houses Of The Unholy

Ems hopes a real-estate deal will bring her father back to her; Sarah D. Bunting hopes the CEO of Schemey Doofus LLC will buy a packet of undershirts one of these days. 2014.10.27S04.E05


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