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Arrow Looses Mere Anarky Upon The World

An old villain returns to declare war on a new villain, and Team Arrow is caught in the middle. 2016.01.21S04.E10

Arrow Raises A Glass To The Holiday Break

Parties! Kidnappings! Cheerful villains! Shocking twists! Boring flashbacks! It's like old times. 2015.12.10S04.E09

Arrow Has A Big Superhero Team-Up

This episode has it all! Action! Spin-offs! Costumes! Seriously, a lot of costumes. 2015.12.03S04.E08

Setting The Stage

Teams Flash and Arrow join forces against a new enemy who's so deadly, he's going to need his own show. 2015.12.02S02.E08

Arrow Gives Its Costumes A Workout

The fight-to-plot ratio is somewhat skewed this week as Team Arrow invades multiple secret headquarters. 2015.11.19S04.E07

Arrow Rescues People And Relationships

People are saved from certain doom. And then there's kissing. Kind of a lot of it. 2015.11.12S04.E06

Arrow Resurrects The Dead

Do you believe in a life after cancellation? 2015.11.04S04.E05

Arrow Makes Friends Of Enemies

Also there's a new Arrowlair. And yes, it has a salmon ladder. 2015.10.29S04.E04

Arrow Splits Up The Team

While half of Team Arrow is in Nanda Parbat, the boys reach an understanding in Star City. 2015.10.22S04.E03

Arrow Revisits Itself

A mayoral campaign and a team member with rage issues? Sounds a little familiar. 2015.10.15S04.E02

Arrow Turns On The Darhk

There's a new villain, a new city name, and even a new name for the titular hero. It's a new Arrow day! 2015.10.08S04.E01

'The Justified Rule Was, Unless You See Them Being Zipped Up In A Body Bag, They Could Be Alive'

Chatting about the final season of Justified with series creator Graham Yost. 2015.06.08

Michael Emerson Telekinetically Conjures Up The Brady Bunch Through The Power Of Loneliness

And other more accurate episode loglines for the ninth and final season of The X Files. 2014.08.27

A Very Justified Christmas

Mags is gone, but criminals of Harlan County continue to be colorful and just a bit too dumb to provide a credible threat. 2013.12.17

L.A. Noir Author John Buntin Talks Mob City

He chatted with Sarah (no relation) about Frank Darabont's TV-noir take on his acclaimed book. (That's not him. That's Jon Bernthal.) 2013.12.04

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