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Should You Get On The Santa Clarita Diet?

Netflix's new sitcom is about a realtor-turned-zombie. Should you sink your teeth into it? 2017.02.02S01.E01

The X-Files And The Venture Brothers Have GOT To Be The Week's Hottest New Sci-Fi Trailers, Right?

[listens to earpiece] Our producers are saying that's not accurate...? 2015.10.20

'We're Gonna Win'

The Buffy Rewatch comes to an end. 2015.04.23

Is Castle Worth Storming?

Or is it the same bland Murder He Wrote from the pilot? Sarah takes a second look. 2014.02.03S06.E14

The Problem-Solvers

The study group finally gets down to the business of solving imaginary problems around Greendale's campus. 2014.01.31S05.E06

Let's Cast Match Game 2014!

No one's doing it (at least, not in this country). But they should. 2013.12.11


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