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Rectify Makes Us Sad, But It Comforts Us Too

Sarah D. Bunting isn't a crackpot; she just isn't sure the final season of this uniquely great show added to its legend. 2016.12.14S04.E08

All Fear Has Been Overwhelmed By Desire On Rectify

Desire for gelato, that is -- but the show's ear for what's true is also being overwhelmed by the TV-weirdness of Chloe. 2016.11.16S04.E04

Which Of Rectify's Couples Put The 'Pair' In 'Despair'?

Ranking the show's relationship prospects. 2016.11.09S04.E03

Rectify Gives The Gift Of Fear

The show takes us back to Paulie, and to the #yesallwomen hashtag. 2016.11.02S04.E02

Gotham Has A Surprisingly Happy Ending

And an asylum full of monsters plus an enormous bomb could have been a real problem. 2016.05.23S02.E22

Gotham Introduces Another Weirdo

His name is Azrael, and he enjoys long walks in the park, Jazzercise, and slaying people for reasons he's not 100% clear on. 2016.05.02S02.E19

Gotham Starts To Heat Up

The search for the Bruce Wayne's parents' killer gets some unexpected success. 2016.04.18S02.E18

Gotham Introduces Another Fake Joker

Lori Petty acts normal (well...normal for Lori Petty), but she's got a look that seems pretty familiar. 2016.03.14S02.E14

Is House Of Cards Trying To Rewrite The History Of Claire And Frank?

And other not-quite-burning questions sparked by S04.E07. 2016.03.08S04.E07

Mr. Freeze Suits Up On Gotham

An iconic villain gets his iconic look and engages in some iconic mayhem. 2016.03.07S02.E13

House Of Cards Wades Into The Crowd

And Stephanie Cangro really can't with what happens next. 2016.03.06S04.E04

Dear Mr. President: House Of Cards Should Have Cast LisaGay Hamilton As Her Husband-Offing Character From Law & Order

She seems better suited for the vagaries of political life in the Willimonverse than Celia Jones. Sarah D. Bunting is NOT a crackpot. 2016.03.04S04.E02

Is Our Current Reality Stranger Than House of Cards Fiction?

And other not-quite-burning questions about the Season 4 premiere. 2016.03.04S04.E01

Gotham Has A Strange New Villain

Arkham Asylum is now led by a gentleman named Hugo Strange. That sounds safe! 2016.02.29S02.E12

Of Smoky Rooms And Smoking Guns

With Claire charming Iowans and threatening Heather's frontrunner status, Heather reaches back seven or eight episodes for a piece of evidence that could destroy the Underwood dynasty altogether. 2015.05.07S03.E12

These Master Debaters Make A Mess All Over The Place

Frank fights fiercely for the state of Iowa but neglects the state of his marriage yet again. 2015.05.04S03.E11

Frank Plays Games Of Love And War But It's Claire Who Loses

Old friends resurface (of both the human and animal variety) and Frank is forced to choose between his loyalties and his future. 2015.04.29S03.E10

Best Laid Plans Often Go Ka-Blooey

The Russian president will do whatever he can to get Frank out of the Jordan Valley -- even...MURDER!!! 2015.04.27S03.E09

Hurricane Faith Comes For Hurricane Francis

Who thought that draining FEMA of its emergency funds during La Niña season would have repercussions? Literally everyone but Frank. 2015.04.20S03.E08

Metaphorical Monks Invade The White House

While Frank and Claire try to glue their marriage back together, a cultural exchange brings artsy monks to their front door. 2015.04.13S03.E07

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