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Should You Be On The Lookout For APB?

If you've found yourself thinking, 'Man, there's not enough fascism on my TV these days,' brother, have we got the show for you. 2017.02.03S01.E01

Dome Look Back In Anger

Chester's Millions try to figure out what is making the Dome so angry that it is (a) suddenly magnetic, and (b) periodically making sonic pulses that are apparently killing everyone. 2014.07.01S02.E01

How Do You Solve A Problem Like A Mini-Dome?

Under The Dome's Big Jim has suspended civil liberties and started conducting house-to-house searches for...stuff. How's the mini-Dome gang supposed to keep their little buddy hidden? 2013.09.10S01.E12

Needs More Shawshank

A handful of actors from another Stephen-King-based project might perk things up Under The Dome. 2013.07.09S01.E03


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